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I hope you all had a fabulous new year!
hellbob & I went to a couple parties. The last one was pretty much over when we got there, but it was at our neighbor's house. Their lights were still on when we'd gotten home so we called to see if the party was still going on & only one couple was left but they ordered us to come over with our dog because they hadn't met him yet. Rex, charmer that he is, was sufficiently adored by Glen & Carol. Advice: never let a drunk guy who has access to trumpets & fluglehorns know that your dog doesn't like being around trumpet playing. Poor Rex. He certainly didn't appreciate Steve's fluglehorn skillz.

We had houseguests for about a week (late Tues the 28th thru morning Mon the 3rd). It was our old roommate from Fargo, Becca, and her nephew Thatcher. I have to say, for an 11-year-old kid, Thatcher really wasn't any trouble at all! I expected to get annoyed by having a kid around but he was pretty awesome. He's smart & funny & just a darn good kid.

Rex had his first visit with our vet last night. It turns out that she's lived with a Shiba Inu before because she used to have a roommate who had one. After checking him over she declared him to be pretty much perfect. She was particularly impressed that he didn't have any issues with her touching his feet. I guess lots of Shiba's just don't want their feet touched. From reading a Shiba forum, we'd been cuddling him on his back and playing with his feet when he'd get out of control. He's also got a microchip now, so if he ever does get out they'll be able to get him back to us. Rex managed to charm every woman in that vet office and got at least half a dozen treats in the short time he was there! For reference, because I'll forget eventually, he weighed just a few ounces shy of 30 pounds.

Busy couple weeks coming up.
Tomorrow I'm going to see a free screening of Green Hornet (sponsored by AICN). I think I'll take Rick as my +1.
Next Monday is the For Love of Annie Benefit: A Special Evening of Music & Friends. It is a fundraiser for a fabulous woman and fabulous photographer named Ann Marsden who was diagnosed with cervical cancer last summer. Ann's one of our customers at West and she's just a really wonderful person.
Friday the 14th is the Christian Kane show!!!!!!
And Saturday the 22nd Sunspot will be here in town at the Nomad. Sunspot is freaking awesome and ALL OF YOU should go! Facebook event info HERE.

Washing machine advice needed!

Rick & I need to replace our washing machine The old one has stopped spinning and at over 25 years old it's just not worth the cost of fixing. Do you guys have any recommendations for brands and/or dealers? We want to spend the bare minimum to just get something that will wash our clothes.
We hit the laundromat this weekend and discovered that washing costs waaaaaay more than drying! Until we replace the washer I think we'll be washing just small loads & running them through 2 dryer cycles because it will still be cheaper than the laundromat.


Not on a boat

I wish I was on JoCo Cruise Crazy. :(

It's a 6-day Western Caribbean cruise on Holland America’s ms Eurodam, with music and comedy performances from Jonathan Coulton and friends, featuring John Hodgman, Wil Wheaton, Paul and Storm, Bill Corbett & Kevin Murphy from Rifftrax, Molly Lewis, Mike Phirman, Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse, John Roderick and Peter Sagal. It departs from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on January 2, 2011 and returns January 8, with ports of call at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; and Georgetown, Cayman Islands.

*sigh* Moose is also not on the cruise. He wanted to go with the Corbetts, but with two kids to keep track of Virginia was afraid of losing him.

JoCo needs to come back to Mpls soon. It's been too long.

Hapy New Year everyone!

The new year has started weird. My dog was scared by the flugelhorn that was chasing him, and there's an 11 year old boy dancing to Top 40 music in my dining room.

Survived Christmas

Rick & I survived the Christmas season. We had four different Christmases to go to.
Dec. 18 was brunch at my parents house in Shoreview w/the siblings & their kids.
Dec. 19 was dinner with my extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins' kids, etc) in Hudson.
Dec. 25 was dinner with Rick's dad, step-mom & their kids in Elk River.
Dec. 26 was dinner with Rick's extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins' kids, etc) in Apple Valley.

Work was super crazy busy awful stressful last week. Why do people think that the closer it gets to Christmas the faster we can print their shit? Just because you need it OMG Right Now doesn't mean that's when you're going to get it! Luckily I also have a lot of awesome customers who don't bring Christmas stress into my life. And one of my regulars brought me a nummy jar of Raspberry preserves!

Rex is still awesome. We really need to get him into obedience school soon though. We also just got a couple books about Shiba Inus from Amazon.

We just acquired a couple house guests earlier today. Our old roommate from Fargo, Becca, decided that her & her "nephew" Thatcher (actually first cousin once removed) should get out of town for a few days so they're here now. He seems like a decent enough kid. He's 11 or 12 and is a geek who loves comics and stuff but doesn't really have any geek friends so he sees me & Rick's house as a kind of geek/nerd nirvana. He's playing the Batman game on our PS3 right now.

I'd planned to try to catch up on my LJ reading tonight but it didn't happen. I've got a ton of tabs open with my friends page entries back to about the 19th. I'll catch up, right? LOL.

But it's almost 1 and I have to work tomorrow so it's off to bed with me!

Snowmageddon = wine + porketta!

OK, I'm going to assume that all of you out there in LJ land have heard by now that we had a wee bit o' snow here in Minnesota. Yup, OMG, It's the snowmageddon! The snowpocalypse! LOL
Yeah, it's actually kind of cool, because it happened on a weekend so we don't really have to worry about getting anywhere.
Once I realized that we were just not going anywhere and all our plans were cancelled I suggested that Rick should put a porketta in the crockpot. Yum! And I had two bottles of dad's homemade cranberrry wine. Keyword there being "had." LOL
Rex still likes the snow, but isn't quite as enamored now that it is deeper than him and he has to work a lot more to bounce through it. On tonight's walk we headed toward Medicine Lake Rd and saw that if we could manage to make it that far we'd be set. Our road may not be plowed yet, but we're only a block away from plowed roads.
Unfortunately we also had some bad news on this snowy day. Our neighbor Pete had some back surgery earlier this week, and there must have been some complications, or he was just sent home too early, as he just didn't wake up today. He was a good neighbor and just a really good guy. Always with a smile & an offer of a beer. The first time we met him was the day we buried our beloved Cougar cat in the back yard and we never did tell him what the "gardening" we were working on was when he saw us in the back yard and invited us over.


Rule #1 of dog walking: Pick up his poop & plastic bag it.

Rule #2 of dog walking: When you get home, remember to take the plastic bag out of your coat pocket and throw it in the garbage on your way in.

Rule #3 of dog walking: If you put on your hubby's coat for the walk, make sure you remember rule #2!

I almost forgot. hellbob would not have been pleased. :)

Uncle Kracker

The Uncle Kracker show this Thurs at Toby Keith's is listed as being sold out. Of course, I've never been to the bar yet, so I have no idea how many people it holds. I just hope it's not crazy crowded...


We got so much pretty fluffy snow on Friday night!
I know this LJ is in danger of going to the dogs, but I've just got to share another picture of Rex:

Just look at the big grin on the Dogasaurus' face. He ♥'s snow so much.

Friday after work I ran home to give Rex dinner and take him out. He was so disappointed that we only went to the end of the block and back that I promised to give him a nice long walk when I got back home later. Then I hopped back on the crappy roads to head out to the Theater Garage to see Joking Envelope's production of Super-Powered Revenge Christmas #1. It was really awesome & entertaining. If you have a chance you should go check it out. It's going to be running through Dec. 18th, and you can get $5 off tickets with a 2010 CONvergence badge or by wearing any CONvergence merchandise to the show. Bill Corbett (MST3K) wrote the play, so you know it'll be funny! After the play I chatted with Bill & some of the CVG folks before heading back out into the blizzard.

There had to have been at least a good 8" or so of snow on the ground when I got home. I bundled on up, grabbed my camera, and headed to the park with Rex. Unfortunately since it's winter now the hockey rink in the park is filled with ice, and the doors at the end were propped open so I couldn't just let Rex off leash to run & run & run. He still managed to have fun bouncing around in the snow while on the leash though. I'm sure all that time outside didn't help my cold much though. :( It's so not fair having a cold right when there's so much awesome snow for Rex.

On Saturday I was supposed to take technomonkey_m to his soccer practice, but genevra's plans were cancelled so she could do it. M still wanted me to go though so I went over and we all went. I'd been considering bring Rex to play w/the kids after, but after Friday's walk I knew my cold couldn't take me playing outside too much. When I came in the door at genevra's the monkeys came running up to hug me & were all excitedly asking me "Is Rick here too?" I explained that no, Rick was off playing video games with their dad & they said "No, we didn't say Rick, we said Rex." LOL Poor Uncle Rick, traded in for a dog. It would have been fun to go sledding with genevra, Monica & the Monkeys, but it would have been really bad for my cold. *sigh* Stoopid snot monsters.


I am SOOOO there!

I was checking Uncle Kracker tour dates and saw that he's going to be here in MN again next week. Next Thursday he's got a show at the new Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill over in St. Louis Park. Cool! I'm there!
But the super awesome fantastic OMFG thing I saw on the ticket page was this:

Christian Kane Fri Jan 14, 2011 @ 9:30pm $5

YES! Christian Fucking Kane is coming here to play!!!! Who wants to go with me? I already bought two tickets because they're crazy cheap.

mle292, you should come with me because you like both country music and Leverage. :)

Ugh. Snot aliens have invaded.

Woke up yesterday with a bit of a stuffed nose and a sore throat. It was much worse today so I called in sick to work.
I ♥ Walgreen's brand Ny-quil. If you ask for it at the pharmacy counter you can get stuff w/pseudoephedrine in it! It's still a pain in the ass because you have to give them your ID to take down your info & agree to the legal terms and sign before you can buy it. But then you get to walk away with medicine that actually works! Still annoys the piss out of me that they took the pseudoephedrine out of most of the liquid meds when you can't even use the liquid form to make crystal meth anyway.
But I spent most of the day sleeping and waking up only to take more Ny-quil. I'm still stuffed up, but much better than I was this morning. Yay Ny-quil coma!
Now that I've been awake a few hours I think it's time to go back to bed. I'm going to attempt to work tomorrow unless I feel like complete ass in the morning.


Still alive, survived Black Friday

Wow, I really do suck at updating this thing lately, don't I?

The biggest news right now in our life is the dog. We decided to keep him! I posted & made it "Facebook Official" last week, but didn't post here. So yes, hellbob & I officially have a HellHound now! Rick didn't really like the name Yuki at all so we've renamed him Dogasaurus Rex, and just call him Rex. Lump still hates him. Maybe someday she'll learn to tolerate him. And maybe someday we'll have flying cars. The odds are about even on those two things!

As reported on Facebook, the score is now Dog-2, Mice-0.
On our walk last Wednesday when Rex pounced on a leaf it was actually the mouse he thinks that ALL leaves are. My puppy is quick!

I finally got to go to the Dome and see a live Vikings game! It was awesome! Unfortunately it was the Green Bay game and we were freaking destroyed. That wasn't so awesome. At least the colossal loss finally got Childress fired!

Rick & I failed our sanity roll this year and were at the Target Black Friday sale in line before it opened. But, we got a 40" TV for $300. We've really got to get going on the basement movie/game room now!

We also replaced the king-size blankets & comforters that we had to throw out after Lump peed on them with some good bargains Friday. I really love the "all sizes one price" deals now that I've got to buy king-size!

The other bargain we got for ourselves was the Nook that Best Buy had on sale. We knew we were getting either a Kindle or a Nook, but once I got more details on the Nook I knew that was the one we'd be getting. Besides the fact that it can do the epub open source format, you can also use a Nook to check out eBooks from the Hennepin County Library! You can't use a Kindle for them because Amazon won't let the Kindle use the copy protection format that the library eBooks requires.

I actually put up my Christmas tree this year! I was going to surprise Rick with it but the silly boy didn't go to his band practice tonight. I haven't decorated it yet though. I've decided this year that I am going to declare xmas light amnesty. The strings are all different, only about 1/2 the lights work, and they are more & more of a headache every year. So I'm going to chuck the ones we have and start new. I won't be able to put the decorations on the tree until i get the new lights bought, so that will just have to wait until tomorrow. I'm not too worried about the tree with Rex, because I just put together the top half of our tree and put it on top of the little table we have in the corner of the living room. Once I have it decorated I'll post a picture.

Well, as usual I'm up far too late, so it's off to bed for me.

Another good weekend!

I had a lovely weekend. Friday night was vanaabegra's birthday party and I got to drink delicious homemade dark malty beer while talking to people I already knew & even meeting some new people. It felt very retro because I added new people on LJ instead of Twitter or Facebook. So 2008! (Hi pgdudda, phoenixredux & grenacia!) I still find it odd to meet people who have heard of HellZiggy.

Saturday was pretty low-key. hellbob & I went to see Due Date with romeoa. It was fun, but not awesome. Unfortunately it suffered from the dreaded "all the funniest bits are in the trailer" disease. Then we had Clan Foley come over for the evening and they all got to meet Yuki. Tom had already met him, but none of the rest of them had. We just hung out and watched the Blu-Ray of Highlander. Not really anything too awesome on that. Of course the movie was still as awesome as ever, but the Blu-Ray really didn't add anything special.

Today I convinced Rick that we really needed to go to Fat Nat's for breakfast because it had been far too long. Om nom nom! Then I mostly just hung out on the couch napping and trying to catch up on Tivo.

I don't think I mentioned here on LJ that I'd lost weight. It was a doctors visit back in August or so I found that I weighed about 18 pounds less than the last time I'd been weighed. I'm not sure when that was, but it would have been last winter. Of course, this weight loss w/o trying was mainly due to my depression running rampant. But, since it was already starting, I started thinking a little bit more about what I was eating, and trimmed my portion sizes a little. Also, I've now had this adorable little poochie who needs walks for almost a month now too.

Anyway, as of this morning I'm at 26 pounds! The first 18 was depression, but the last 8 was actually me!

I'm really loving going for walks with Yuki. As they've started to get longer when I have the time for it (i.e. not the morning walks!) I've started looking for good route tracking software for the iPhone or computer. Walking 1 mile isn't really as hard or as far as I'd thought it was. I measured some of our regular walks and most of them are over .5 miles, and we've even done a couple 1.5 mile ones this week.

Speaking of the dog. We now officially have the option to keep him if we want. We haven't decided yet. Some of the major pros are that he is an awesome sweet dog, he's (mostly) well behaved, he's not aggressive at all, he's adorable, he's just the right size. Some of the major cons are that it's a ton of responsibility that we hadn't been planning to take on, we don't have a fenced yard so he always has to be walked, and Lump HATES him. We decided that since the decision doesn't have to be made right away we aren't even going to start trying to decide until after OmegaCon next weekend. If we OMG MISS HIM on a weekend away that pretty much decides it one way, where as if we are relieved to have a weekend away from the responsibility of him it tips the decision the other way. We'll see. I'm kind of attached to the little guy. :)

Anyway, that's another weekend down. Next weekend we'll be up in Siren, WI for a relaxing weekend of socializing, hot-tubbing, playing games & drinking. Yay OmegaCon!

Dogs, drunks & apps - misc. shit

There was no dog here when I got home tonight and it was kind of a bummer. Monica had taken him for his overdue nail trimming. Such a good pup. He's asleep next to me on the couch right now.

No crazy people at work today. Pretty boring day in fact.

Barnes & Noble managed to annoy me. On my iPhone I have both the Kindle app and the Barnes & Noble eReader app for reading ebooks. I prefer the B&N one because I like the font I have selected and the navigation is nice. Both the Kindle & B&N have the ability to lock your books into either portrait or landscape mode. This is very important to me as I tend to read it while laying in bed and I don't want it flipping back and forth every time I move.

Well, I bought a couple B&N NOOKbooks and they wouldn't load into the B&N eReader. I got on my computer to check for updates and found that they've now introduced the NOOK app. You'd think it would be similar to the one they already had, but it's not!

The iPhone NOOK app SUCKS! There is NO way to lock the orientation. And there are no navigation options. You're stuck with the ones they have. Tapping the right side to turn the page forward & the left side to turn the page back is fine. But to get the menus you tap in the middle. The screen's not that big. I keep getting the stupid menus when I'm trying to turn the page. Grrr! On the previous app you tapped to turn the pages but to get the menu you had to do a swipe. Weirdly enough, I didn't have issues with the menu continuously popping up on the old app.

Looks like I'm going to reverse my ebook buying M.O. and buy from Amazon first and just use B&N when it's not on Amazon.

If it ain't broke, don't freaking fix it!

Come hang with us for some comedy!

On Thursday, November 11th hellbob & I will be going to Acme Comedy Company to see the adorable Hal Sparks. We were fans of him back when he hosted Talk Soup about 10 years ago, and since I've watched all the episodes of the US version of Queer as Folk I can confidently tell you that he has a nice ass!

If you sign up for Acme's Insider newsletter you get email offers every month that include free shows and special offers. The Hal Sparks show is their "Party Like It's 1999" night for the month. This means that instead of $15 for the show and an additional $15 if you want dinner, you can get both for just $19.99. We've only done dinner there once before but it was pretty good. Definitely more than $5 good!

We made our dinner reservations for 6:30. If any of you want to join us for a night of comedy here are the details:
Party like it's 1999
Thursday, November 11th
Starring Hal Sparks

When making a reservation please be sure to say you would like the 1999 deal.

Hey Insiders, This is a special deal only for you! One day of every month we are offering an insane deal. Take a look!

A three course meal (see menu below), a glass of wine (choice of red or white), a ticket to the show (Thursday, 11/11/10) and preferred seating in the club. All for $19.99 (all of that for under $20 y'all).

The menu for November 11th

1st Course:
Marinated cucumbers, avocado, tomato salad

2nd Course (choose one):

1. Chicken Marsala with a side of rigatoni topped with marina sauce

2. Hoison glazed pork loin with egg friend rice

3. Grilled red onion, zucchini, yellow squash penne pasta

3rd Course:
Fried apple dumplings

Choice of Wine (red or white)

Call to make reservations, and make sure you mention you are doing the 1999 deal. Call 612.338.6393. The show starts at 8pm, we will seat for dinner between 5:30-6:30pm.

"3:00? I'll be drunk by then."

Just had one of my oddest customers ever.
He was tall and had long hair & a beard & mustache. It was one of those icky mustaches that hangs down over the lip. Bleah. And he had that stale smell of a person who smokes and drinks a lot. Kind of like the way my mom smells, but even more so.
He had a disposable camera. When I asked if he wanted prints, scans or just developing he just stood there and looked at me. Then he shook his head. "Whoa, whoa. You just blew my mind with all that. I just want pictures."
OK, just basic prints then. I ask if he likes matte paper or glossy while showing him the samples of both. He looks at them & says "I don't know. I just want pictures."
Alright, no more questions. I'll just print them on whichever paper is in and we'll be good.
Then I needed his name and phone number for the bag. I swear, he had to think about what his name was!! No phone number. His phone was dead and he didn't have a charger. OK then. Then dude asked what time they'd be ready. We're not a 1 hour lab but I decided to quote about 3 hours rather than the standard next day because I wasn't sure he'd even remember the next day.
"I can have them ready for you at 3:00, sir."
His response? "3:00? I'll be drunk by then." I think that was a little optimistic on his part because I'm pretty sure he was already most of the way there!
Well, I've got almost nothing to do anyway so I tell him I'll have them in an hour. He wants to pay now because he isn't sure he'll have the money in an hour. 0.o. That whole drunk by three thing, i guess.
We don't ring up rolls of film before processing because the price is based on how many prints you do, but he insisted he needed to pay now so I rang it in for the full number of possible prints.
Then he left.
Or tried to.
I looked up and saw him standing in front of the double doors of our entrance waving to try to get the sensor to open the automatic doors. Too bad we don't have automatic doors...
LOL. It just amazes me that people can function in life like that.


Alright, by popular demand, an update.

Yes, he did indeed remember to come back for the pictures. He was there an hour later almost to the minute.
As for what the pictures were, it was just a group of about 5 or 6 people hanging out at a dive bar. He wasn't even in any of them. I really was afraid of what I was going to see in them!


Tired yet happy

Yes, if you're looking at the time this was posted it's right. 5 freaking 30 in the morning. No, I didn't wake up this early. I haven't been to bed yet....
We went to a friend's Halloween party and I had a smidge too much wine. But that's not what's keeping me up. On no, I was stupid enough to say "gosh, I'm yawning. It's too early for that." So I took a Ritalin. Now I'm awake when I should darn well be sleeping. :-/
That was dumb.
But on the plus side, I got to chat with some people on Facebook & Twitter that I don't normally get to.
But you know what? Even though I should be in bed and I'm going to be hella tired tomorrow I don't care. You know why? Because I'm happy. I'm genuinely satisfied with life right now. I know things aren't perfect, I'm not delusional.
But this last month? O.M.G. Such a change over the last year!
That's the god damn sucky evil thing about depression. It's sneaky. You think you're fine, then it creeps in and slowly takes away the fine. And it's gradual. You don't know it's there. Then one day you're talking to your therapist and realize that you're depressed.
And it's not just a little depression. Oh no. You're stuck deep. Deeper than you've been in years. Worst than you've been in more than a freaking decade.
With as long as I've been diagnosed with depression, I feel like a freaking idiot for not realizing how bad things were. Over the last year I had been sinking into a pit of darkness & hopelessness & despair and didn't even know it.
Now, I've been off Wellbutrin and on Prozac for just over a month. I can't even begin to describe the difference. It's like when my depression was first diagnosed and treated. It's like I didn't know that it was possible to feel good.
I look back on the last year that was progressively getting worse and I wonder how I could have been so dumb as to not realize things were getting bad.
But that's the bitch of depression. If you were fine one day and depressed the next it would be easy to see. It's just not that easy.
So yeah, I'm an idiot who stayed up far too late and will be crazy tired tomorrow. But at least I'm a tired idiot who can see the bright side of life now!
Good night, and I love you all!

I'm about to go to bed.

No, really. This is actually a good and weird thing. I'm a night owl. Even when I have to get up early for work I tend to stay awake far too late. For the last god only knows how long I'd been regularly going to bed between 1 & 2. Not a good thing when the alarm starts going off around 7:30ish. With the new drugs I'm actually going to bed at a better hour. I'm even in bed before midnight once in a while. It's amazing how much more energy I have when I'm not stumbling along on only 6ish hours of sleep.

Good night!


Holy crap is it crazy windy out there!
When I took Yuki for his walk he LOVED it! I swear, he had a little doggy grin on his face the whole time we were walking. We went all the way to the park because he was having so much fun I couldn't bear to make him go home even though it was pretty windy & miserable out there!

I saw a raccoon the other night when I was walking Yuki. It was about 1/2 a block away and it climbed down into the storm drain. That reminded me that I'd seen a raccoon on our street go slinking into a storm drain once too. I told Rick not to let Yuki sniff the drains when we're walking him at night because I don't want to deal with a raccoon attack.

Of course, now I just have images in my head of a network of tunnels and a gang of raccoons hanging out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle style beneath the streets of Crystal...

Insert subject line here

Hi there!
Life with the puppy is still mostly good. I learned tonight that walking in heavy rain doesn't phase Yuki one tiny little bit. He still hops & runs & snuffles & sniffs just as much as when it's not raining, and he still pees when he's good & ready. Really the only difference is that he also occasionally stops to drink the running water from the gutters. He's pretty good about letting me towel him off when we get in. But... oh boy does he smell like wet dog! I know! A wet dog that smells like wet dog! Who'da thunk?

Life with my darling Lump cat, however, is not so good. After 2 weeks of tolerating the dog when he ignored her and hissing & swatting at him when he tried to sniff or play with her she apparently decided she needed to express her displeasure to us. She chose to do this by peeing on the bed! (On the side she doesn't normally sleep on, of course!) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We can't afford to drop $1000 for a new king-size mattress & box spring right now! So we hauled it out to the garage & saturated the spot with anti-pee enzyme cleaner. Then when it was dry we saturated it again. It appears to have taken care of almost all of the odor. I think it helps that we were able to treat it before the cat pee dried. Tomorrow we see if we can still smell cat pee. If we don't we'll flip it to use the other side, and get plastic to protect it in case she tries again. Then we'll start saving money to buy a new mattress set ASAP. Luckily we have a spare bedroom in the basement with our old queen size bed so Rick & I have been sleeping down there since Friday.

This last weekend was definitely a mixed bag for me.

On Saturday I went over to the strange foreign land of St. Paul to Common Good Books where Twitter friend Matt Debenham was doing a reading from his book of short stories The Book of Right and Wrong. I was late and completely missed the reading part, but I got my copy signed and joined a group of Twitter folk over at the Muddy Pig. Some of them I'd met earlier this summer at MPR's WITS w/John Hodgman, and some were new. The Twitter peeps, in no particular order, were: @stellar225 @amanjo @debenham @vernacularshift @completelydark @batsly & @crapulent. The Muddy Pig was have a beer festival of some sort so when Amanjo & I ordered our beers we got tiny little baby beers. Turned out that you could order in a group of 3 to try different ones and it would be cheaper in the long run than ordering one at a time. The baby beers were cute, but tiny.

After leaving the Muddy Pig I came home & immediately headed to the theater with Rick so we could watch Paranormal Activity 2 with Romeo. It was good. I really liked the way they tied it together with the first one. At that point, after the movie, I should have had the guys drop me off at home since a headache was starting. Instead I went with them for a drink & appetizers. By the time we did get home I couldn't do anything but take my migraine drugs and crawl into bed. Bleah.

Sunday started with a delicious brunch at Granite City Brewery with Rick's family, as his dad & step-mom were starting their drive to Arizona for the winter that day. Om nom nom! I loves me a good breakfast/brunch buffet!

After brunch we came home to take the pup for a quick walk before heading over to the memorial service for gingerpook. It was a nice memorial, and lots of people said lovely things about Ginger. She's going to be missed.

Between the cat pee & the migraine & the memorial I really felt drained after this weekend. Aren't the weekends supposed to rejuvenate you?

Writer's Block: Past the expiration date

What's in your refrigerator right now?

I don't feel like going to look, but I know what's not in it that was there an hour ago: a nice big glass of Kahluha and Irish Cream. :)


Rick & I got to go see a free preview of RED last night and it was a heck of a lot of fun. A thoroughly enjoyable movie. Right now I'm waiting in line for another free movie preview. Jackass 3D this time. It's either going to be incredibly fun or incredibly stupid.

I think it says something about the average intelligence of the Jackass audience that in the last 5 minutes 3 different people have asked if the part of the line by the theater is the beginning or the end. Really? You think they'd start the line in the mall instead of at the theater? Idiots.

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Sneaky pup!

Yuki has his own tennis ball now. When we were walking tonight he picked it up somewhere. I have no clue where, or how long he was carrying it before I noticed. LOL. Once I noticed I kept expecting him to drop it at some point, but no. He carried it all the way home like some kind of prize. With that kind of dedication I figure he deserves to keep it.


30-Day Photo Meme

malnpudl's friend surreallis created this photo meme.
It sounds really cool so I'll probably be starting it in the near future.

30-day Photo Meme

Take a photo according to theme and post in your journal. The rules are lax and simple.
- You can use any type of camera you want. From an SLR to a cell phone. Tech isn't important.
- The quantity of photos you take for each theme is up to you. Post one or a hundred. Be kind with LJ cuts and remember that if you're going for artistic, a hundred pics might dilute the effect.
- You don't have to post every day. Life happens. By the end of the meme you should have 30 posts though, with at least 30 photos that you took yourself.
- You can rearrange the themes to suit your schedule. The order is unimportant.
- Interpretation of the themes is completely up to you. There are no photo cops defining them.

1. Home
2. Sustenance
3. A view from a window
4. The sky
5. Night time
6. Macro (Extreme close-up)
7. A day in the life
8. Wildlife
9. Motion
10. Sunset or sunrise
11. Emotion
12. Elemental
13. Landscape
14. Color
15. Spooky
16. Alien
17. Free space. Post a pic of anything you want.
18. A day in the life 2 (try to make it different than #1)
19. Point-of-view (try a new one)
20. History
21. Seasonal
22. Childhood
23. Decay
24. The beauty of everyday objects
25. Weather
26. Time
27. Civilization
28. Architecture (structure)
29. Signs
30. Light or shadow

More puppy pictures

It's a dog update.


I posted a picture of Yuki last week, but didn't really give any details on who he is. He belongs to our friend Monica who is currently staying with my sis genevra & her family. Since they've already got two six-year-olds, a dog, and two cats in that house an extra puppy was a little more than sis could handle so Rick & I took him in. So Yuki is temporary, but we don't know exactly how long. Probably about a month or so.

Yuki is 7 months old, but is really well behaved. He's housebroken and hasn't had any accidents. When he's full size he'll only be about 25 pounds. He's a really good pup.

Lump, however, is not a fan. She's adapting fairly well. We've got a baby gate up to keep him out of the back of the house so the bedroom & bathroom are still her territory. She also knows that if he's in his crate he can't come near her. She's a little upset, but not nearly as bad as we expected.

Yesterday we took Yuki over to romeoa & pinkshaya's house and he got to run around the backyard with Ripley for hours & hours. I tried to take pictures but most of them look like this:

Ripley & Yuki

Those were two tired puppies last night!


Update on the Sharon

It's been 2.5 weeks now since my appt w/Dr. R about my meds. We agreed that the Wellbutrin had to go. We decided to try Prozac. I was told that it would take 2-6 weeks to kick in, with 4 weeks being the average.

It is going pretty good. I'm not sure if it's the Prozac working already or if it's the Wellbutrin getting out of my system but I feel better than I have in months. My mood is better, and I have more energy in the mornings. Things are looking up. :)

Our new roomate

Isn't he cute?


His name is Yuki. He's temporary, until his person is able to get her own apartment. Lump is not happy, but hasn't completely freaked out either.


I want to post to LJ more, but there just hasn't been anything interesting going on in my life now that I have time to read & post. *pout*

Heck, my life's been so uneventful lately I haven't even hardly posted on Twitter!

I finally scanned all the negatives from the rolls of 120 film I shot this summer. I still have 2 rolls so I'll be renting the Hasselblad at least once more to play.

This is the first time I've shot film in about 5 years!

It's a really odd experience to go from my digital w/unlimited shots & instant feedback & a built-in light meter & auto-focus to a camera where I have to do everything manually. I still don't have the focusing with this thing down!


If you want to see more I've got them all up on Flickr. Just click on the picture of my darling Lump girl to get to the set.

Supernatural season premier!

Finally watched Friday's Supernatural season premier.

Spoilers for the season premier under here.Collapse )

JoCo appraises the new fall shows

I love this! One of my favorite new traditions for the fall TV season: Music Icon Jonathan Coulton Appraises the Fall TV Season...Sight Unseen!
I believe last year was the first year writer John Sellers and JoCo did this.
This is how the preview works:
1) We give Coulton the title of a series.
2) He offers up what he imagines the show might be about.
3) We tell him the program's true premise.
4) He sums up the show's chance for survival.


For felisblanco

The lovely felisblanco wants people to post more, but I'm tired. Also, I tried to cut the tip of my thumb off earlier and put a big ol' slice in it, so typing is hard. But I will work through the pain to bring content to her flist.

James Marsters Q & A

Ok. That's all I've got. Good enough Felis? *smooch*
It looks like Rick is going to have to get a phone provided by work and they won't be covering the cost of his cell phone now. Since we have a family plan this means that I've got to switch to an individual plan somewhere. It also means that AT&T will most likely not let me keep my unlimited data plan since I'll have a new plan.

So, I already know what I love and hate about the iPhone & AT&T.
Now I need to hear from all of you who have something different.

What smart phone do you have?
What do you love?
What do you hate?
Which carrier are you using?
How's the reception/coverage?

I don't care about a lot of minutes, but I want lots of data! Heck, if I could get a smart "phone" that did everything but make phone calls (insert AT&T/iPhone joke here) I'd be perfectly fine with a separate pay-as-you-go phone, because I just don't make many calls!


I'm a terrorist?

I saw this article last week, but hadn't gotten around to posting it yet.
The TSA is encouraging people to view photographers with suspicion.
Article here

C&P of text here:
TSA Sows Fear of Photographers
Radley Balko | September 7, 2010

There's a spot along the George Washington Memorial Parkway just outside of D.C. called Gravelly Point. It's a picnic and recreation area a few hundred feet from one of the runways at Reagan National Airport. It's a popular spot for photographers to snap shots of planes taking off and landing. It's part of the National Park Service, and the proximity to the airport is a big reason why the spot is so popular. I bring up Gravelly Point because of the absurd TSA poster to your right, spotted by Carlos Miller.

What should we find suspicious about the figure in the picture? That's he's carrying a camera near an airport? Maybe it's the hoodie. But then maybe it's cold outside. Point is, TSA is putting in our heads that photographers are people we ought to view with suspicion.

No wonder law enforcement officials around the country, including TSA workers, wrongly assume that they can stop, detain, arrest, and otherwise harass people who take photos in Metro centers, on AMTRAK, at airports, or in other public places.

The poster in question:

(photo by Carlos Miller)

So... If photo equipment means you're a terrorist, why did the TSA let me board a plane with this equipment in my carry-on? Moose must have convinced them!
We're so close that my big lens is too big!!!! #nasatweetup on Twitpic
We're so close that my big lens is too big!!!! #nasatweetup on Twitpic
Hmmm... Taking pictures of planes = you're going to steal them. Does this mean I'm going to steal the Space Shuttle?! :)

Photography is Not a Crime

My old class assignments

Here they are. Not nearly as cool as Martin Wilson's contact sheet prints that I posted about yesterday, but here are the ones I shot for my photo class assignment.

This one was supposed to be any shape but rectangular. I call it Rick With Cats.

All of the others are the ones I shot trying to get one I liked for the assignment where it had to be 5x5.

Are there even enough people still on LJ that I have to use an LJ cut when posting bunches of pictures? And is four even a bunch? Of course, since it's my journal I could just say f**k it and go w/o the cut. Anyway, there are more pictures under there so go click it.

Two more under here. Collapse )

Oh, and they're on Flickr, so just click the pictures to see them embiggened.

I can't even imagine managing to do this!

I came across a link online to the work of photographer Martin Wilson.
He is freaking amazing!

Here is his description of what he does and why:
Make every picture count

Christmas 1973- I’m pretty sure it didn’t snow. This was the year I was given my first camera and if it had snowed, I’m certain I would have taken a picture of it.
I was 8 and my brother was 9 and we were both given identical cameras as a present. They were coal black and petrol blue – the kind of cheap oily plastic that wouldn’t glue back together when we eventually dropped them and they cracked. We were also given a roll of film in a Kodak yellow packet. My dad, worried that we would run out of film by boxing day, gave us a piece of advice; “make every picture count.” He would repeat this mantra every time we were about to release the shutter and I think it became so deeply ingrained that I’ve been following his advice ever since.

That’s probably why my work looks like it does today. I’ve arrived at a way of working where I put every frame on display. The entire film is visible. The numbers underneath each frame show that each picture is taken consecutively. Perhaps subconsciously I’m trying to prove to my dad that I haven’t wasted a single shot.

My pictures are painstakingly created frame by frame on 35mm film. I get the whole film developed, scan it, then piece the final image together on the computer, making a large contact sheet. It's only when the completed film strips are laid out side by side in the contact sheets that the final image appear.

Each work usually takes months to complete, as each frame is obsessively taken in sequence. No pasting together after the event, no cheating in Photoshop!
If I make a mistake or take a frame out of place I start the film again from the beginning.

The works are all records of real journeys, the visual remnants of hours walking or cycling round town, bringing to life the unheard voices of the city.

This is my favorite of the images he has on his site:

It's only £170 if someone wants to buy it for me!

I just can't even imagine doing this. I had an assignment last time I took a photo class where we had to take one roll of film and shoot it in order so that the contact sheet made one picture. I HATED that assignment. I loved the concept but I just couldn't get it to work the way I wanted. If I have time tomorrow at work I'll scan the negatives from my attempts at it.

Here are a couple more that I liked. Collapse )

Give me my drugs!

I'm so sick of CVS/Caremark!

I complained about being forced to use a CVS pharmacy instead of the Walgreen's we'd been using for 10 years last fall when we got the notification about the change in our insurance. I found out that one of the two brands of generic Ritalin that CVS carries does work, just not quite as well as Walgreen's generic. I also found out that CVS has one brand of generic that sucks donkey balls. And I found out that when I dropped off my prescription I could tell them which one I needed them to use.

How it normally works:
1) Rx Plan: "You have to do 90 day refills on maintenance meds *and* you have to use CVS Pharmacy.
2) Explain new pain in the ass plan to Awesome Doctor. She writes all our Rx for 90 days
3) Find a CVS Pharmacy even though we've been very happy w/our local Walgreens for the last 10+ years.
4) Drop off Ritalin Rx at new pharmacy. They say "90 days? No problem."
5) Pick up Ritalin...
6) Pharmacy: "The Rx Plan won't cover 90 days, only 30. Probably because it's schedule 2"
7) Call Rx Plan for options.
8) Rx Plan: "No, you're covered for 90 day pickup at the store. Doesn't matter if it's Sched 2. I did a test script and it worked.
9) Me: Pull out freaking hair! Then call Awesome Doctor for new 90 day script because the last one ended up only being used for 30.

And of course, that was how it worked today. They entered it in the computer while I waited, it said only 30 days, they called the Rx Plan who said "Yup, only 30 days on that one."

I took the script back until I can figure out what to do. Then I called the customer service line. This time I *hope* I got the only smart person they have answering phones there because I LOVED her answer.
1) I can only get 30 days at a time of Ritalin because it's Schedule 2.
2) It's not considered a "Maintenance Medication" even though I take it every single day!
this rocks because
3) If it's not a Maintenance Med I can get it filled at ANY damn pharmacy I want and I'm not restricted to only being allowed to fill 2 times at pharmacies that aren't CVS!

I can go back to our Walgreen's for my Ritalin again! This makes me so happy! Not just because their version works better either. We never wanted to switch pharmacies. That decision was forced on us. If this chick was right and I'm not restricted in where I can go I can now go to the place *I* choose. That would be the pharmacy that has given us 10 years of problem-free service and is convenient. \0/



No, I'm not defecting to Dreamwidth. But, one of the LJ's that I follow is moving over there and I don't want to miss her posts. So, I've dusted off the DW that I set up a couple years ago and have bookmarked my reading page.
An ideal solution would be for me to be able to keep posting here and have it crosspost to my DW acct, but that's not possible yet.
What I'll be doing instead is carrying on here as usual, and when I make a post I will just copy & paste it to my journal there. If you're a DW person now and would rather be over there, then just comment on my posts on that side.
If I don't have time to read both though, LJ will be the one that's looked at.


The good & the bad

Reading and posting on LJ improves my mood. I should remember this. I miss you all, even though I see a lot of you on the Facebook and the Twitters.

Getting out to see people improves my mood. I should remember this. I had a FABULOUS time at the State Fair last night. First I took pictures of farm animals and stuff. Then I watched a set & a half of Martin Zellar. It was actually 3/4 of the Gear Daddies because both Nick & Randy were there. Then 7thstranger & I walked & chatted as I took more pictures and I ate some cheese on a stick.

Finding out that a friend has died does not improve my mood. gingerpook lost her battle with cancer this morning. You'll be missed Ginger.
I haven't been posting much for a variety of reasons. Not a lot going on in my everyday life, random thoughts going in short bursts to Facebook or Twitter instead, not having time when I do feel like posting.

But the main reason is that I haven't been doing much of anything lately.

Depression sucks.Collapse )


Here’s to running with the crowd, playing music loud. Here’s to life, here’s to love, here’s to being free.

I'm going to hit the State Fair again tomorrow, 'cuz I wanna go see this guy:

Martin Zellar

Martin Zellar & the Hardways will be playing on the Heritage Square free stage at 6:30 & 7:45!
I'll be meeting 7thstranger there, and any of the rest of you who decide to come out to see the awesomeness of Martin.

As I was denying turning 40 earlier this year I had an utterly depressing realization. I'm so old that I've now been a fan of Martin, first in the Gear Daddies and now w/the Hardways, for half my life! When I first discovered the Gear Daddies I immediately fell in love. Then, they were going to be coming to Fargo. (well, Moorhead, technically.) I couldn't go see them because they were playing at Kirby's Bar and I was only 20! But damn, the man still looks as good now as he did twenty years ago!

So tomorrow I hit the fair again, this time sans Rick. There will be more deep-fried pickles, Martin Zellar, and photos taken of carnival rides lit up at night.


These are troubled times we live in now
I know we can hold our own somehow
We’ll move on, we won’t forget
Things have changed for sure
But it’s all right
Everything’s all right

Here’s to letting go of fear
All that we hold dear
Here’s to you, here’s to me
Here’s to everyone

You’re uneasy about the road ahead
Harbor fears and doubts inside your head
You’re feeling lost, feeling unsure
Longing for the way thing were
All right
Everything’s all right

Here’s to going out with friends
Laughing hard again
Here’s to life, here’s to love
Here’s to memories

Here’s to running with the crowd
Playing music loud
Here’s to life, here’s to love
Here’s to being free

Here’s to letting go of fear
All that we hold dear
Here’s to you, here’s to me
Here’s to everyone

Here’s to going out with friends
Laughing hard again
Here’s to life, here’s to love
Here’s to memories

~Martin Zellar & the Hardways

LJ & Facebook & Twitter

Oh LJ, even w/o as many people hanging out you still manage to piss folks off.

1. I rarely flock my posts.

2. I don't care if people on LJ know my real name

3. But I don't announce on Facebook that I am HellZiggy!

4. Yes, there's a lot of crossover between the two, but there is also family & coworkers on FB. They don't need to know that I like vampire porn!

5. Do I even need to tell my friends not to cross-post comments they make here?

6. I don't need to tell you. I followed these simple instructions to remove the cross-post option from my LJ's style:

I've seen this on a couple friends pages. Not sure of the original source. I got it from magicmarmot who got it from someone who got it from someone else...
I did this and it worked. Note that it's curly braces around the display:none, and not parentheses.

To get rid of the twitter/facebook repost links in your journal entry comments do the following:

1. Go to your "Journal" menu, and select "Journal Style"
2. To the right, you'll see what theme you're using, with a link stating "Customize Your Theme". Click that link.
3. Scroll down a little ways, and you'll see that on the left side of your screen, you have multiple options to modify your theme. Click on the "Custom CSS" link, and it should load the options for doing Custom CSS.
4. From here, all you have to do is go to the "Custom Stylesheet", and put in that line.

.b-repost-item {display:none}

Once that's in there, you want to save the changes, and you should be done. Leave everything else as it is (unless you want to remove more things!).

Because it's tied to the style sheet, if you've got LJ set to always view pages in your style you will never see the ticky boxes on your friends' pages. If you put this in, but your friend is looking at your page in their style which still allows the tickys, I think they will still see ticky boxes on your post. Not a perfect solution, but at least people who are looking at my page with my style won't have the option.

7. It's pretty simple. Just follow Wil Wheaton's advice. Don't be a dick.

Not gonna win...

Well, I'm out.
Today's the last day of voting and I'm still at less than 100 votes.
Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me & who posted about it to get their friends to vote!

Unfortunately, of the folks who are in the running, my pick of them has dropped to 6th place. If you've registered and voted for me, can you go change your vote to Stacy Trenary?
He's someone who's passionate about nature & the environment, he volunteers at his local zoo, and, like me, can't afford to travel to cool places. He's the kind of person who should win this trip. (If it's not going to be me, that is!)

Ugh. I hate begging.

Cross-posted from Frozen Sharon

As much as I really really really want to win this trip to Antarctica, it's pretty easy to get frustrated.

Because getting into the top 5 is based just on votes, I feel like I have to keep posting about it to get my Twitter, Facebook & LJ friends to vote. But I hate feeling like I'm a pest. There are only so many of them that are willing to go through the registration process to vote even though I assure them that Quark Expeditions doesn't share their email and doesn't spam them. You get maybe one email a month, and it's easy to unsubscribe.

I think the only way I will get more votes is if I can get some celebrities to tweet about it. Or maybe even some local media. The problem is that whole I hate feeling like a pest thing. I don't want to send bulk emails asking, and doing individual ones takes time. Also, if it's someone I just connect with on Twitter, I have to convince them with only 140 characters.

I just need to find a way to get more people to spread the word! I did make an easy to remember custom short url for voting: http://bit.ly/FrozenMoose so it will be easier to give out the link. I know, /FrozenSharon would make more sense, but I used that one last time, and it was actually the inspiration for the blog name!

D'oh! It just occurred to me as I typed that last paragraph that since the bit.ly links are case sensitive that I can make the link http://bit.ly/frozensharon and also http://bit.ly/frozenSharon. So I just did.

As for how I'm doing so far in the contest? Well, I started campaigning for votes seriously on Aug 9th and at that point I was down in 36th place. Right now I am tied in 24th. Unfortunately I need 419 votes to hit 5th place. On the bright side, of the 23 people above me, only 8 of them have received more votes than me in the 10 days since Aug 9th.

I've got 11 more days. I need to average 40 votes per day if I'm going to hit the top 5. Probably more like 50/day since I'm sure other people will still be getting votes too. I've got to figure out a way. If any of y'all have ideas or suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Oh, and I put a Moose post up there earlier this week: Vote for Moose!
Despite all my traveling earlier this spring, I really don't get to travel much. I have NEVER left North America. Until June 2004 I had never left the United States! My total international travel is one day trip to Vancouver, BC, Canada and about 48 hours in Toronto, ON, Canada. As a kid looking at travel posters & wallpapering my room with them I always assumed that when I was a grown-up I'd be able to go to all the fantastic places. Unfortunately I've never been able to afford to.

I became obsessed with Antarctica after discovering mcpenguin's LJ back in 2005 or 2006. He even agreed to host Moose at McMurdo Base for a visit. That was awesome enough in it's own right, but then mcpenguin got to spend time at both the actual South Pole and the West Antarctic Ice Shelf! Honestly, I love the pics of Moose on the South Pole even more than the pics of Moose with James Marsters. That says a lot!

Quark Expeditions had a contest last fall that I tried to win. Out of over 500 entrants I got enough votes to come in 22nd. This time I want to make it to the top 5! Unlike the last contest that was determined solely by the number of votes, this time they will look at the top 5 and choose the winner from those.

I'm currently in 39th place and less than 400 votes will get me to the top 5.

You do have to register to vote, and it is one vote per valid email. Quark doesn't sell the addresses for spam, and they only send about one a month that is easy to opt out of.

I'm also going to be blogging about the contest over at Frozen Sharon

Please vote for me! http://www.adventurewithjulie.com/blogs/view/96

Please tell your friends, family, and everyone else to vote for me! http://www.adventurewithjulie.com/blogs/view/96

Please put it on your Twitter! whimsywinx is awesome & has already been pimping for votes for me also made a custom short link: http://bit.ly/FStoSoPole.

Please join my Facebook group and invite all your friends! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=120863593910


Yay Google!

I wasn't planning on using the internets even though we have it this year, but I decided to actually download & look at the manual for the Hasselblad camera I have for the weekend. :)
It's kind of fun shooting w/film again. And maybe I'll even know how to work the camera before the weekend is over!

Off to the cabin!

I need a vacation! Instead, I'm going to the cabin w/the family. LOL

My parents' "cabin" is a house on the lake w/2 bedrooms & bath upstairs, 1 bedroom, bath, living room, dining room & kitchen downstairs, a slightly finished basement with more than enough room for a few air mattresses, and a deck. Of course, even though it sounds big, the annual Kids Weekend puts 17 people into that cabin.

We won't have air conditioning, or internets. We also probably won't have cell reception.

I'm planning on getting a lot of writing done. I still have some space shuttle stuff to write, the rest of the Florida trip, pretty much all of Phoenix ComiCon, w00tstock, CONvergence, and, of course, the newest Antarctica contest. A bunch of those will also be getting posted over at the Frozen Sharon site.

I really haven't done much pimping for votes on this contest yet because I just haven't had the energy. With minimal mentions I'm in 39th place. This time you only have to make the top 5, and then the judges choose from them. I'm 362 votes from being in the top five. I'm going to get some blog posts ready this weekend and also get emails ready to send out. This time for the contest I'm going to try to get people who tweet & blog about it for me to all try to do it in the same few days. Maybe more people will click to vote if they see more than one person pimping it.

Well, hell. I totally forgot to post this before heading to the cabin yesterday. But, the whole "we won't have internets" thing? Not so much. Dad got high speed up here and a wireless modem. So, now I post.

Hooray for equal rights!

Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional in California today!


CNN story HERE

Marriage in the United States has always been a civil matter.
Civil authorities may permit religious leaders to solemnize
marriages but not to determine who may enter or leave a civil
marriage. Religious leaders may determine independently
whether to recognize a civil marriage or divorce but that
recognition or lack thereof has no effect on the relationship
under state law.
~Page 60, Lines 6-12 of the final ruling

That one paragraph sums up exactly what I have always thought. The "God says it's wrong" argument is not a valid reason to make it illegal. If your God doesn't want gays getting married, then your church does not have to recognize the marriage. However, your church's view should have no influence on the legality. Hell, I don't expect the Catholic church to recognize my marriage, because I wasn't married in the Catholic church. But because I was legally married, I expect the gov't to recognize it. Just like if I'd had a church wedding but didn't get the legal papers, I would expect the church to recognize it even though the government would not see it as a legal marriage and would thus not recognize it.

If you want to read the entire ruling, you can get it HERE. 136 pages of awesome.


Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in
singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license.
Indeed, the evidence shows Proposition 8 does nothing more than
enshrine in the California Constitution the notion that opposite sex
couples are superior to same-sex couples. Because California
has no interest in discriminating against gay men and lesbians, and
because Proposition 8 prevents California from fulfilling its
constitutional obligation to provide marriages on an equal basis,
the court concludes that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.


Plaintiffs have demonstrated by overwhelming evidence
that Proposition 8 violates their due process and equal protection
rights and that they will continue to suffer these constitutional
violations until state officials cease enforcement of Proposition
8. California is able to issue marriage licenses to same-sex
couples, as it has already issued 18,000 marriage licenses to same-sex
couples and has not suffered any demonstrated harm as a result,
see FF 64-66; moreover, California officials have chosen not to
defend Proposition 8 in these proceedings.
Because Proposition 8 is unconstitutional under both the
Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses, the court orders entry of
judgment permanently enjoining its enforcement; prohibiting the
official defendants from applying or enforcing Proposition 8 and
directing the official defendants that all persons under their
control or supervision shall not apply or enforce Proposition 8.
The clerk is DIRECTED to enter judgment without bond in favor of
plaintiffs and plaintiff-intervenors and against defendants and
defendant-intervenors pursuant to FRCP 58.



United States District Chief Judge

~Page 135, Line 14 - Page 136, Line 25

I really do have intentions of posting...

So I was reading LJ for the first time in a while & looked at my account. Holy frak! I haven't posted in TWENTY days!
And hey, it looks like Loud Twitter died about 2 weeks ago. Yeah, I know, you're thinking "But Sharon doesn't post her tweets." And you're right. But I like to have them there to help me remember what I've said/done and to make it easier to find links I've tweeted, so I do post them, but only as private posts for my own reference. *sigh* There's another program, Twiteinesis or something silly like that. They don't have the option of setting the security level or even doing an LJ cut as far as I can find. So, no tweet reference for me!

And what's a HellZiggy been up to for the last month since she obviously hasn't been posting? Well, lets see what I can remember... (remember = go back & look at Twitter because I am old & forgetful & shit!)

OK, July 1-4 - CONvergence. Of course. Very exhausting this year. Had actual time commitments during con, working on the GPS Silent Auction. Weird. Not used to having so much structure. Wasn't a bad thing but definitely meant a different energy than other years. Next year I will know what to expect though.
Also different for Rick this year, as he was the guest liaison for author L.A. Banks. (liaison is very hard to spell. yay spellcheck!) Leslie was great! Very sweet and funny and just a nice person.
Moose had a lovely time at CONvergence too. He got to have his picture taken while hanging from Voltaire's mouth, and with an actual real Emmy award!
I am married to Lex Luther. Paul Cornell's first issue of Action Comics came out the day before CVG so he got the con to give him a slot on stage to do a live reading of it. My uber-talented husband played Lex and was just fabulous! I guess I now officially have a thing for Lex Luthor voice actors, since James Marsters has voiced animated versions of him.

More stuff. LJ-cut so I don't fill your whole friends page. But you should click the cut and read it. Collapse )

And that's what I've been doing with my time.

Things I'll be doing in the near future:

* Watching a movie outside in a friend's back yard.

* Going to the CONvergence volunteers party.

* Going to my parents cabin w/Rick, my brother, his wife, their kid, my sister, her husband, their two kids, my cousin, his wife, their kid, her cousin, my friend, and my friend's girlfriend. Yeah, the cabin's not really that big. And my family is crazy.

* Possibly road-tripping to Madison to see Sunspot

* Posting about & pimping the current Vote To Send Me To Antarctica contest. I need to do a big email/twitter/blog push. I haven't done much this time because it was fairly exhausting last time and I did ok, but not nearly close enough. This time I think I will try to get many people to all RT it around the same time. I'll also at the same time send out one Facebook message to everyone, but only one because I don't want to spam my friends. Twitter is fleeting enough that the repetition pretty much gets lost.

* Yes, I really will sort and post the pictures I've been taking since May.

* I need to pick one for the State Fair Fine Art competition too. I know what group of pictures I have that I'll be taking it from, I just need to make a final decision of which one.

*And yeah, I know I still need to write about the actual Space Shuttle Launch. And everything from ComiCon. And w00tstock.

But first, it's 1:30. I need to go to bed!

I've missed you all! And I'm going to try to catch up on reading if I can. And I promise not to leave you for another 20 days.

Good Night!

CONvergence 2010

Amusing thing heard at con:

Guy pops his head into the room and asks "What are the horses they use in the Budweiser ads?" We answer "Clydesdales." The ducks back out into the hall and we hear "Her feet are as big as a Clydesdale's!"

It was a fun con.
It was an exhausting con.
I will post more later.


Posting about Skins

Awesome thing:
Unique Skins had a contest. You design skins, upload a preview of it, and they select 10 finalists. Then, those 10 finalists are voted on from now through July 2 and the one with the most votes gets an iPad.

I want an iPad. They are awesome, but too expensive since it's just a want and not a need.
So I entered. I've got TWO designs in the finals!!!

Go vote for me, please! I think they use cookies so it's a once per computer kind of voting system.

My two designs are the abstract tree w/pink background:

and the cute widdle tree frog:

Also, let me know which you like better of the two, so I know which one to steer the votes too. :)

Awesome thing 2:

I got new skins for my laptop & my phone today! My iPhone was skinless since doing a warranty trade in just before Florida. Now, it stares at me:


Front w/wallpaper image:

Unfortunately when locked the eyes are kinda hidden:

The laptop is a purple version of the same abstract tree:



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