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Oct. 16th, 2012

OK. I've missed you LJ peeps.
I see some of you IRL still, and some of you over on Facebook, but I need to make more of an effort to read over here too. I'm gonna get rid of most of the communities that I never look at anymore and make a reading list of just real people who still post more than a twitter feed.
Theoretically this means y'all will start seeing more comments from me too. :-)
I'm not sure I'll start posting here, but I think I will start crossposting my hellziggy.com blog.


First the good news, then the bitching about mom.

Dad was discharged yesterday evening. He had low potassium, and the stress test showed that there may be "something" in one of his arteries. He's getting a full physical on Friday & they're doing more heart tests next week sometime. The fact that they didn't think they needed to immediately do the tests makes me a lot less worried about the tests.

And then there's mom...

She says she'll let us know if there is ever any serious health issue with dad & we shouldn't worry so much.

What? Going to the ER with heart pains & getting admitted for observation isn't serious?!?!?

And when I told her that I felt that qualified as serious she got all sarcastic & asked if I would like a phone call every time he got a hangnail. Well, if that's the only way to find out about things like heart pains in the ER & she can't tell the difference in seriousness between those two things then yes, call me when he gets a hangnail.

Also, when I was worried about dad on Monday night I should really also have taken into consideration how bad it was for mom. After all, dad got pushed around in a wheel chair & mom had to walk everywhere. Grrrr. You're at a hospital. If you can't walk, they can help you! You know that your hip is in such bad shape that you're planning to have hip replacement, maybe take your cane with you when you leave the house? Also, just a guess here, but was MOST of your walking going out to the parking lot because there's a no smoking perimeter because it's a freaking hospital?!?!?

Sorry mom, but I only have so much energy for worrying and I'm going to focus it on the one who needs it. You didn't need to be there by yourself, it was your choice.

Jan. 9th, 2012

Dad's spending the night at the hospital tonight. :-(

He had some chest pain this morning, and his heartbeat was irregular so he went to the ER. The pain went away after they gave him nitroglycerine & he's been fine since. So far the bloodwork hasn't shown that it was a heart attack & they'll draw more blood later tonight and tomorrow he gets to do a stress test.

I've been told not to worry and that he's fine. He seemed ok when me & Rick went to visit. As long as the stress test goes ok he'll be back at home tomorrow.

The whiteboard in dad's room had a spot that said "Today's Goals" but there wasn't anything written there. I fixed it:

(Link in case FB pics can't be hotlinked)


En guard!

We've got Becca & Thatcher visiting from Fargo this weekend because Thatcher has two fencing tournaments here in the Cities. The first one was today and he did really well! Out of 35 fencers age 13-18 he was seeded in 16th place after the qualification rounds. Then they moved into a single elimination bracket and he crushed his first opponent. (Score was 15-4) Alas, his next match pitted him against the #1 seed in the tourney.
T lost that match, but did get a few hits in. This is super impressive because he was waaaaaaay outmatched.
~ The other guy was 18 yrs old, to T's 13
~ The other guy was a good foot taller
~ The other guy's probably been fencing for years (T's only been doing it for a year now)
~ The other guy has had tournament experience
~ The other guy is his team's captain
~ and the other guy freaking qualified for the National Junior Olympics Fencing last year
So, it was pretty much a given that Thatcher wasn't going to win that match but just getting any hits in was something. Also, both his opponent and his opponent's coach came up afterwards and told him how well they thought he'd done.

Here's a picture of Thatcher in one of the first rounds:

A lot of the people had cool colorful or striped socks. If Thatcher hadn't had boring white socks he would have probably won.

We haven't convinced him yet that he needs to yell "There can be only one!" at the end of each match.

Also, I declared that when we left we would be following "Austin rules." This meant that when we got home we would all get to take a nap!

Happy New Year

As I've posted several times in years past, one of my favorite New Year's wishes from the incomparable Neil Gaiman:
May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.

And his New Year's wish for us this year is also lovely:
I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You're doing things you've never done before, and more importantly, you're Doing Something.

So that's my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody's ever made before. Don't freeze, don't stop, don't worry that it isn't good enough, or it isn't perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life.

Whatever it is you're scared of doing, Do it.

Make your mistakes, next year and forever.

So all my dear friends, here's to 2012. Lets go make mistakes together!

Survive holidays. Check.

Ha! Only 2 week since my last post. Look out, I'm making a comeback.

So, Christmas & New Years happened. I survived both.

I got lots of new games for Christmas: Cosmic Cows, Ingenious Challenges, Hey, That's My Fish!, & Buzzword. I also got The Facts In The Case Of The Departure Of Miss Finch, which is a Neil Gaiman story illustrated by Michael Zulli that I didn't have yet. And I got cozy slippers, and a pretty sweater, and a pashmina/silk scarf, and a pretty candle, and some yummy smelling soaps, and I'm sure I've forgotten something.

We spent Christmas Eve morning at my parent's house with my sister & brother & sister-in-law & brother-in-law & nephews & niece for our traditional brunch. I introduced my family to Cards Against Humanity. Then Rick & I ran home to take care of Rex & Fabreeze the hell out of our clothes before going out to Rick's sister's house for the rest of the night. All told, I think we ended up having a total of 6 family Christmases this year. Luckily we didn't have to buy/bring gifts for most of them.

Now I've got tomorrow off work so I plan to sleep in while Rick goes to work. That's something that NEVER gets to happen! LOL! I don't have to work because they're doing inventory at the store but my boss hadn't put me on any of the inventory teams. I don't get paid for the time off, but I also don't have to worry about extra work piling up while I'm not there.

Still not dead. Still not the king.

Yes, it's another of those "OMG, I haven't posted in forever!" posts. Argh. I must get better at it because I do miss the real connections you got with people on LJ.

OK, so now I suppose I have to update on the last 2 months or so of my life, eh?

~ My dog is still awesome & adorable.

~ The Vikings SUCK this year.

~ Moose went traveling without me. He went to Austin, TX, then Sweden, then England, then Austin, TX, then Los Angeles, CA then back to Austin again and then home to me. While off adventuring he went to the Fright Fest film festival, FantasticFest film festival and BlizzCon.

~ Me & Rick applied to go to Butt-Numb-A-Thon in Austin for the first time this year.

~ We got in!!!

~ OmegaCon was fun & relaxing. Rex also had a fabulous weekend staying at Adogo.

~ I completed a John Hodgman hat trick by seeing him for the 3rd time at the Fitzgerald & getting one of his books signed each time.

~ Sunspot came to town again! They're always awesome!

~ Still don't have an iPhone 4s. I'm using Rick's old 3G because mine got run over by Rick's Cadillac. iPhone vs Caddy, Caddy wins.

~ I saw a picture of a light saber battle at the ceremonial South Pole. Yes, it was as awesome as you think.

~ Me, Rick, Romeo & Shaya all flew down to Austin after work on Dec 8th and stayed through the 13th. We got to stay with the super awesome Neil & Rae, and we sat through 24 hours straight of movies Sat-Sun, and we at a lot of yummy Tex-Mex & got yummy BBQ once, and fell in love with Austin.

~ Now I am in Xmas hell. The longer people put off ordering their christmas pictures, the faster they want them.

So, that's the last 2 months of my life....

Facebook surrealness

Facebook does tend to make life surreal sometimes.
On Facebook I am now friends with the first boy I kissed, the first boy I had sex with, the first boy I lived with (platonically) and the last boy I had a rebound relationship with, and, of course, the first boy I married!

The power went out on my street sometime around 1 or 2 this afternoon. It's just our side of the street and the houses right behind us on the next street over. I don't even remember the last time we had a power outage of any length here. It really sucks to look out the front window and see all the houses on the other side of the street all happily lit up.
When I was walking Rex tonight I made sure to note which houses had generators so that when the zombie apocalypse happens if they are killed or don't make it back to their houses I can go take their generators. (house #s 3141 & 3033, for future reference)
At least our water heater is gas powered so even if we don't have electricity back yet in the morning, I'll still be able to take a hot shower!

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Another weekend done

So there was a pretty awesome musical show here in Minneapolis on Saturday. But most people missed it because they went to U2 instead... :-)
One of my favorite bands, Sunspot, was playing at Lee's Liquor Lounge Saturday night and although their set wasn't too long, it was really good. They played a bunch of new stuff that I hadn't heard yet. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of "Cannibal." Mike said that as soon as they had a demo of it recorded he'd send it to me!

The band had come to town Friday night because they were here for a wedding, so I suggested doing lunch or dinner somewhere on Saturday. We didn't want to go anywhere too far from the Lee's so I recommended Eli's. The food was delicious, as always, and the company was even better. It was nice. When you're friends with a band that lives in a different state you tend to usually only get to spend time with them at loud clubs either before or after their sets. A quiet restaurant pre-show was definitely a nice change! And the conversations? Everything from Doctor Who, Nerdist, Neil Gaiman, and other geeky goodness to brain surgeons to the space shuttle to how to have gay sex in the men's room without getting caught.

Today genevra called to see if we wanted to go down to her mother-in-law's house to go swimming with the monkeys in her pool. Rick declined because he had to mow the lawn and stuff. I, however, was not foolish enough to turn down the offer of an afternoon in a pool. Since Sandi & Linn have two dogs of their own they were ok with Rex coming along. He was a very good boy. He took one sip of the pool water and wisely did not do it again. He also didn't try to jump in the pool. I was worried that he might because of how easily he jumped in the lake. I guess the taste & smell of it made it seem like a bad idea. He got to run around, but he couldn't convince S & L's dogs to chase him. By the time I got him home he was a very tired puppy.

I have a shiny new Nook! Mine had some spots on the e-ink screen so I took it into Best Buy. Since it has a 1 year warranty they just exchanged it out for a new one! I did make the mistake of playing with one of the new touch screen e-ink Nooks. Want!!!!

Weekends are too short

It was another lovely weekend.

We started out Friday evening with the final show in this season's MPR Wits Series. The guests were Neil Gaiman and Josh Ritter. Here is a link to the livestream they filmed.
Because Mr. Gaiman is awesome, this show was sold out, and because it was general admission, people were lining up early to get in. Since they do a Tweetup in the lobby before the show this kind of sucked. It was super crowded, and when the inner doors for the theater opened, people didn't respect the fact that there were lines. Still, we got seats in about the 5th row or so.
I got to see my two favorite white dogs that aren't Rex! Since Neil was in the middle of a book tour and wouldn't actually be going to his house while in town his assistant, the Fabulous Lorraine, brought his daughter and his two white German Shepherds when she picked him up at the airport, and the dogs were subsequently invited to the theater for the night.

Here is Moose posing for photos. In the first one, Moose is on the lovely Lola, and Cabal is looking on from the right side. Sharon (Birdchick) Stiteler is photo-bombing Moose.
Still Life with White Dogs

In the second picture, Moose decided to spend a little quality time with Cabal, just hanging out.
Still Life with Moose & White Dog

It was a fun night. Too bad the season's over. :-(
I still think I should be allowed to bring Rex to the Wits events. He is actually a Minnesota Public Radio member, after all!

Saturday was the annual pool party for akdar's birthday. Alas, there was much rain and not much sunshine. All the kids swam anyway, but I did not. There was some Killer Bunnies played and much food eaten and we had fun even with the icky weather.

Today Rick & I started out by heading down to the Mandarin Kitchen to check out their Dim Sum since learning that Jun-Bo has closed. We were very happy with the food, and it seemed to be comparable to Jun-Bo in price. Then Sunday afternoon we headed on out to Stillwater to Rick's sister's house where his dad, stepmom & stepsister were also going to be. We had a lovely afternoon with the family. I just wish they were closer than Stillwater because we don't make the long drive out there as often as we would all like.

And, as is standard for me, it's way too late and I should really be sleeping!


Social, media, etc

Well, I done connected my Twitter back up to my Facebook. Now anything I tweet that's not an @reply will also go to my Facebook.
I started with good intentions of cross-posting to both with the Facebook posts translated from Twitter to English. But, my iPhone is only a 3G so it kind of sucks. I got tired of switching between the apps. So everything went to either one location or the other, not both. I feel that you, my adoring public, suffered the most from this because if you don't follow me in both places you were missing out on most of my awesomeness because it would only be in one place at a time. So really, linking them back together was for you all. You're welcome. :-)
If you can't find me on Facebook, just ask and i will tell you my real name (or at least as real as it gets on Facebook. The whole legal name isn't on there!) and if you can't find me on Twitter, well you really just haven't looked, have you?
Highlander and HellZiggy: There can be only one!!!!!!!!!!!

Nope, not biased at all!

Nope, I'm not biased at all. My Dogasaurus Rex is a darn handsome boy.


I mean really, look at this face:

The little bugger is smiling for the camera!

We both had a fabulous time at the 2nd Annual Pedal Pub Race in Northeast Mpls this last weekend.

edited to add:
And these beautiful pictures of him were taken by Jenn & John of Moments Shared Photography

Books books books

Still completely infatuated with my Nook, and also with the Hennepin County Library. As of today, HCL has 12863 different ebook titles in the system. And many of those books have more than one copy.
When I got my nook on Black Friday last year I was expecting to have to purchase the majority of my books because while the nook supports the Overdrive Library system, HCL only had about 800 different titles available. I was considering buying a $15 membership to the Free Library of Philadelphia, but figured I'd wait until I ran out of things to read. FLP had around 4000 or 5000 titles at that time. Apparently they aren't buying new ones at the same rate as HCL, because they're only at about 5800 now.
I ♥ my local library!!!
Between the diverse selection from the library and the authors that I'm still buying, I have yet to run out of stuff to read.
I'm currently at over 60 books read just this year alone, and I'm totally loving the fact that I've fallen in love with reading again. It's not that I ever fell out of love, it just wasn't convenient. I'd run out of things to read because I wasn't going to the library regularly enough.
Now, we just need to get publishers to start giving you a free ebook version when you buy the hardcover like movies started doing w/the free digital download when you buy the DVD.
There's some stuff I will still buy the actually dead tree version of, but I'm not paying twice to get it in ebook also!


Time to pimp!

OK everyone. Are you looking for a couple books to read? Both of these books are by lovely funny women that I've gotten to know online. I suck at writing reviews so I'm just going to say GO BUY THESE BOOKS AND READ THEM!

First up we've got a bisexual biracial plus-sized rockabilly ex-superheroine novel by apocalypsos.
Heroine Addiction

Vera Noble belongs to a long line of famous superheroes, but she's done quite enough lifesaving in her time. Now, she's perfectly happy to serve pie and coffee in her small-town cafe, far away from the bright explosions and enormous radiation-spawned monsters of the big city. However, no life ever stays safe and quiet forever, and one simple request from her family's former mortal enemy upends Vera's semi-average existence.

This one is currently only available as an ebook.
Kindle Version
PDF from Lulu

Next is Jane Jones: Worst. Vampire. Ever. by Caissie St. Onge.

For Jane Jones, being a vampire is nothing like you read about in books. In fact, it kind of sucks. She's not beautiful, she's not rich, and she doesn't "sparkle." She's just an average, slightly nerdy girl from an ordinary suburban family (who happens to be vampires.) Jane's from the wrong side of the tracks (not to mention stuck in the world's longest awkward phase), so she doesn't fit in with the cool vampire kids at school or with the humans kids. To top it all off, she's battling an overprotective mom, a clique of high school mean girls (the kind who really do have fangs), and the most embarrassing allergy in the history of the undead, she's blood intolerant. So no one's more surprised than Jane when for the first time in her life, things start to heat up (as much as they can for a walking corpse, anyway) with not one, but two boys. Eli's a geeky, but cute real-live boy in her history class, and Timothy is a beautiful, brooding bloodsucker, who might just hold the key to a possible "cure" for vampirism. Facing an eternity of high school pressure, fumbling first dates, or a mere lifetime together with Timothy, what's a 90-something year-old teen vampire to do?

You can get this one in ebook, or dead tree.
Barnes & Noble
Also, if you're a Nook person and your library does eBooks, they might have it. Hennepin County Library does.
STrib comments section makes me want to stab someone!

That being said, at least I understand why the comments appear to be from people who didn't even read the article. It is because they probably read a different story!

Under the cut is the text of a STrib url showing the difference in the story between noonish and 11:13Collapse )

Sad day at the zoo

I finally get my butt back here to LJ, and plan to start posting semi-regular like again and this happens...
I was planning to do a post pimping the books that my friends have just done, but instead my mind is on wolves.

One of the Mexican Grey Wolves at the Minnesota Zoo escaped from its holding enclosure today and the zoo staff had to make the difficult decision to use lethal force.

I first heard about it and read the Star Tribune story at around noon. At that point the only news was that a wolf had gotten out, a zoo visiter had seen it and been the one to call zoo staff on one of the zoo's emergency phones, and the wolf was shot shortly thereafter. Immediately the comments on the article were full of indignant people demanding to know why the wolf was shot instead of tranquilized, and also saying that they will never support or go to the zoo again because they obviously don't know how to take care of or treat their animals.

Someday I will learn never to read the comments to news articles because they always just piss me off!

My heart breaks and goes out to the MN Zoo staff member that had to take the shot. People work at zoos because they love animals and want to protect them. Having to kill the animal you're supposed to protect is an awful thing.

Because the information was still coming in, the early stories just didn't have all the details. Yet, my position has not wavered one single bit between when I first heard what happened and now that I know more of the story.

If the Zoo staff made the decision that lethal force was needed, it was an informed decision made based on their knowledge, training, and desire for safety above all else. Period.

Commenters on the STrib site and even Facebook "fans" of the zoo seemed to think they knew better what should have been done. People who weren't there, who don't work daily with the animals, who don't go through training & drills at least twice a year for this very situation. Yes, those people all knew better.

Note: The Minnesota Zoo, in addition to the Mexican Grey Wolves on the Northern Trail also has some Grey Wolves on the Minnesota Trail. When I talk about the care & keeping of the wolves I am referring exclusively to the Mexican's & their Northern Trail exhibit.

Having been a student at the summer ZooSchool they used to have back in the late 80's, being a member and fan of the Zoo for the last 10 years or so, and having friends who have volunteered there and worked there, I have a bit broader knowledge of what goes on at the Zoo than your average person who may go once every few years. I've also attended many of the educational talks they've had for members. One of the favorites I attended was about the Mexican Grey Wolves. The very wolf that died today may well have been one of them that I saw on exhibit that night as Jackie, the zookeeper, was telling us about them. I think that is why all the ignorant comments criticizing the zoo before getting the facts have bothered me so much today.

The Mexican Grey Wolf exhibit at the zoo is different from their others in several ways. Almost all of the zoo animals have a holding enclosure behind the scenes where they are kept at night. Almost no animals are kept in their exhibit 24/7, just while the zoo is open. The wolves do not. They have a den in the exhibit and they are only removed from it for necessities such as medical checkups and care.

From a 2006 Pioneer Press article: Unlike many other animals at the zoo, the wolves on exhibit are not trained or socialized in any way.
"These wolves are completely terrified of us. They need to be," [Minnesota Zoo keeper Jackie] Fallon said. "If they have even a chance at survival in the wild they need to be afraid of humans."

The MN Zoo works with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to try to reintroduce the severely endangered Mexican Grey Wolf back into the wild. Unlike most animals born is zoos who will never live in the wild, these wolves are born with the hope that they can possibly be released.

Because of the way the wolves are raised and kept, they are one of the most unpredictable animals the zoo has. Every other animal there has regular interactions with humans. They all are used to being moved from one area to another. They associate the zookeepers with all the comforts of their life.

Tranquilizing the wolf was the zoo's first and preferred plan. Unfortunately when it jumped a second containment fence and started running in the public areas the unreliability and slowness of shooting him with a tranq was just no longer an option. When Hollywood decides to share their super accurate and instantaneous tranquilizer gun technology with the zoo, well, then we can start complaining that they chose the wrong option. But since the magic Hollywood dart doesn't really exist, it would have been foolish to try to tranq the wolf. Once he was in the public areas it was just too dangerous. You know what's more dangerous than a scared wolf? A scared wolf who's been stuck with a dart and just wants to get away.

Even with this tragic death, the Minnesota Zoo has done more to increase and help the total world population of Mexican Grey Wolves, both captive and wild, than it has done to harm them. I am damn proud of my local zoo for their quick and well trained response to today's events. Yes, I wish the wolf hadn't died. We all do. But I don't think they did the wrong thing when they shot him. They did what they had to, even though I know they didn't want to. Just think how sad it makes you to hear about the wolf dying. Now imagine if you had watched him grow up, and you had devoted your life to working with him and animals like him. I know that although shooting the wolf was the right thing to do, it was not the easy thing to do and my heart goes out to the person that had to do it.

edited to add disclaimer:
I'm not an employee of or volunteer at the Minnesota Zoo. I attended a summer school there 24 years ago, and I've been a loyal member and fan for the last 10 years or so. Any errors in this post about the zoo's procedures, their animals, or anything are mistakes on my part, not misinformation from the Zoo. And obviously, the opinions here are mine, I don't represent the MN Zoo.


Super 8

I'm totally stealing my darling hellbob's short Super 8 review:

Super 8 = (Explorers + Stand By Me + ET + Goonies)/(80% more Lens flare X a tsp of the Cloverfield monster) = 1 Really good time!

Look! Less than a month!

I saw Super 8 tonight. It was pretty darn good.

It's cooled down to a beautiful 80º outside. At one point this afternoon the official temp here in Minneapolis hit 103º. We've gotten temps that high before, but not often.
The last time it hit 103º here in the Twin Cities was July 31, 1988.
The hottest temp ever recorded in the Cities was 108º way back in 1936.
July 31, 2006 was the last time we hit triple digits here in the Twin Cities.
Temps of 103º have only been reached 18 times previously.

So yeah, it was kind of warm today...


No matter how much of a slacker I've been at posting, I don't think I've EVER gone over a month between posts before. I do not like this. I'm also super behind on reading. I'm not sure I'll ever get caught up, but I'm going to give it the ol' college try.

We've had some awesome fun times since last I updated.

We saw Kyle Kinane at Acme, and Chris Hardwick at the Varsity. We got to have a burrito & chat with Chris before the show & got hugs from him after. I just love that adorable Nerd!

We also drove down to Florida for a week & then drove back, and even with that much time trapped in a minivan, no one killed anyone!

I got to see another Space Shuttle launch! Endeavour was delayed and ended up launching our first day in Florida. Wasn't that nice of her to wait until we were there? Shuttle launch from 15 miles away is still cool, even if it's not as cool as 3.5 miles away.

I've taken my Rex puppy on a couple awesome walks in local parks and down by the river near St. Anthony. I looooooove getting in a nice long walk when it's not too hot out.

Speaking of Rex, Lump is starting to tolerate him! And it only took 9 months. She used to hiss anytime she saw him no matter how far away he was and how many barriers were between them. Now, she actually comes out to the living room when he's out and she will only hiss at him when he's gotten too close and she's also whapping him on the nose with her completely ineffectual clawless paws. As for him, he's gotten MUCH better at listening when he sees her and wants to run over to play with her.
April 3 ~ Our Dogasaurus finished his obedience classes. He's officially an Obedience 1 graduate now!

April 15 ~ There was another fabulous MPR Wits performance. This one was Chuck Klosterman. We got to hang out and chat with awesome people like the Corbetts & the Scrimshaws.

April 22 ~ We saw Duran Duran perform at Epic. Epic is a pretty sucky venue for concerts because you can't even see the stage from most of it, and to see the stage you have to be jammed into the middle of the crowd like we were. And I'm too old and I was still too damn sore from the accident to be standing in a crowd of people for 4 hours. But the band still sounds and looks AMAZING.

April 23 ~ I went to Minicon on Saturday because the always entertaining John Scalzi was the Guest of Honor. He read from an "untitled, to be released in 2012 so don't say anything about it" book. I plan to buy the mystery book when it's published because the chapter he read was just that good. Mr. Scalzi also did a very entertaining slideshow presentation of his visit to the Creation Museum.

April 25 ~ Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm had a show at the Guthrie. It had been far too long since JoCo had made it to Minneapolis. I didn't work merch this time either (although Rick got recruited) so I was able to talk to lots of people.

April 30 ~ We went to the opening night of Joking Envelope's Sexy Librarian: File Under Rock Musical. It was hilarious! If you're here in the Cities you should definitely go see it this month!

May 3 ~ We went to a free preview of Thor for Rick's birthday. It was Rick, me, Tom, Lisa, Romeo & Shaya. It was a pretty fun movie.

We've got more awesomeness coming our way this month. We'll be seeing comedienne extraordinaire Maria Bamford at Acme on May 12th. Buy tickets! Join us!

We'll be in Florida for a week. We're not sure yet if that will be awesome or if it will be torture. We're driving down. In a minivan. With genevra, akdar and the Monkeys. Did I mention that it's a 2 day drive down? And a 2 day drive back? And the Monkeys are just shy of 7 years old? Yeah, it will probably be a fun trip but the potential for torture is definitely there.

We're also going to see Kyle Kinane at Acme on May 26 May 24. Buy tickets! Join us! The Tuesday, May 24 show is this month's Party Like It's 1999 show where you can get a dinner & show combo for just $19.99.

And this week will be ending on an awesome note also. The Chris Hardwick show at the Varsity is on Friday! Yay! And there's a small group of us having dinner with Chris before the show. Yay!

So, lets just hope for more awesome this month, and much much less of last months suckitude!

Yup, still alive

Usually when I have a subject line like that it's because I haven't posted in forever and a day.

Well, this time it's only partly because I haven't posted in forever and a day. It's also because, Holy Fuck, I'm alive!

I know most of you are either Facebook or Twitter friends with me, or both, so many of you already saw the pictures Rick & I had posted. But the nature of Facebook & Twitter is that if you don't see something when it is posted you'll most likely miss it because those forums are all about brief fleeting updates of what is going on right now.

About 2.5 weeks ago on the morning of Saturday, April 16th, Rick & I were headed up to Keewatin, MN for his grandmother's funeral. Just a couple miles shy of the Moose Lake exit this happened:


Yes, that is was our car, and yes it was as abso-fucking-lutely as terrifying as you imagine. There was light snow, getting heavier as we headed north, and it was fairly windy. Our best guess is that a gust of wind hit us right as we were on a super slick patch, and once we started skidding the momentum kept us going. We slid through the ditch, flipped up into the air upside down, and scraped along the trees until we hit one which stopped us and dropped us onto the ground.

I think it all happened in about a millisecond. I never even saw the trees from my side of the car. I just saw the road we had left, and the sign we didn't hit. I distinctly remember thinking "Oh good, we missed the sign. The metal pole would have really messed up the car." and that was my last thought before we abruptly stopped. Then my next thought was "OMG, we stopped. OMG, I'm upside down. OMG, we must have hit something. OMG, I'm upside down." I think I was asking Rick if he was ok at pretty much the same time he was asking me.

Yes, we both had our seatbelts on, and I'm about 120% sure that we would both be dead if we hadn't. We both walked away from that car with just our upper chests bruised, and Rick had some minor cuts on his head from the broken glass of the sunroof. He didn't actually hit his head. He's just so tall that when we were hanging upside-down his head was resting in the glass.

I still can't look at the pictures & not wonder how the hell we weren't hurt. You can bet your sweet ass that I will NEVER ride in a car without a seatbelt again! I always wore one when I was in the front seat, and I knew that wearing a seatbelt meant you wouldn't be hurt as bad as without. But jesus, our seatbelts weren't the difference between hurt a little and hurt a lot. They were the difference between just a little sore, and freaking DEAD.

Our brother-in-law Don was able to pick us up because he was only about 20 minutes behind us on the highway, and even with Rick getting checked out at the ER, we were only about 15 minutes late for Grandma's funeral. And Rick's sister loaned us her car and her & the kids rode back to the Cities with Don. They actually offered to sell us the car and it's a pretty good deal, so we're going to be replacing the Impala with a bright red Cadillac.

So yeah, a summary of the month of April:
hellbob left me for a week because he had to go to Dallas for work.
My timing chain blew, which lead to $3000 we couldn't afford being spent to put in a new engine.
Grandma died.
We smooshed the other car, while the other one was still in the shop because we hadn't been able to finish paying for the repair yet.
Someone (not naming any names, but it wasn't me!) got a speeding ticket just 3 days after the accident.
And then I came down with the cold from hell. Coughing is so not fun when you've got a chest that's still in pain from an accident.
I'm done with April now. It pretty much sucked.

There was some fun stuff. I think it deserves it's own post.


Attn Minneapolis Nerds!

Chris Hardwick, aka Nerdist, is coming to Minneapolis on his Chaotic Good Stand-up tour.

Varsity Theater
Fri, May 6, 2011 8:00 PM (Doors: 7:00 PM)
$25.00 - $28.00
18 and Over

You should go! He is super funny! (and adorable!)

I have two tickets that I will be giving away FREE. I haven't decided how, but it is probably going to be through the Geek Partnership Society Facebook page. I will post details & a link here when I have them.

If you don't want to gamble on winning the free tickets, you can wander over to the Loring Pasta Bar to buy tickets with NO CONVENIENCE FEE! Or you can order them from the comfort of your home/office HERE. You will have some added fees buying online, but they should still be lower than TicketBastard.


So... Dreamwidth

I'm not leaving LJ for Dreamwidth. I have no plans to ever do that.

My LJ was imported to DW as of last September or so. I would cross-post if it worked the way I want it to, but it won't. Its great that you can set your DW up to automatically cross-post to LJ, but that's NOT what I want to do! I want to be able to update my LJ like I've always done (ok, technically not always, but for the last 8.5 years) and have it cross-post to DW. LJ is home, DW is the god-forbid something happens to LJ backup.

But... I've got a DW account set up (http://hellziggy.dreamwidth.org/) so I can still read anyone who moves completely over there.

If you are moving totally to DW & leaving LJ, let me know so I can add you to my DW reading list.

If you are moving to DW & cross-posting to LJ, but want all the comments at DW and are not having a link to the DW comments put in at the bottom of the LJ post, I also need to know so I can add you to my DW reading list.

If you're cross-posting and taking comments at either place, or your LJ posts contain a link to DW where you want the comments, I don't need to change anything with how I follow you.

I do check DW fairly regularly, but not as often as LJ, so I want to keep as much as I can on my reading list here at LJ instead of over there at DW.

Sucky week

I was going to catch up on reading LJ, and my usual blogs, then do a quick update on my poor neglected LJ here. And somehow it's 1:30 am already. Hmph. So, super condensed update, and I promise to do real posts this weekend.

Last week hellbob was in Texas for work.
I missed him a lot.
I spent a lot of quality time with the Dogasaurus Rex.
We saw Source Code on Saturday w/Romeo & Shaya.
We all loved it.
Rex had his last class Sunday.
Rex is officially an obedience 1 graduate.
Monday my car died.
Tuesday we found out it was the timing chain.
$3000 to fix it.
Tuesday night we got calls from Rick's sister.
His grandma wasn't doing well and we started making plans to go up on Friday to see her.
We got a call at 2am that she was gone.
Weekend was good.
Monday on sucked big time.

Libraries, Overdrive, and HarperCollins

This article at theatlantic.com talks about ebooks and their availability through the public library systems. It also talks about publisher HarperCollins' new policy for licensing ebooks to libraries. Going forward, all HarperCollins e-books will expire after the book has been loaned out 26 times, and to make it available for patrons to check out again the library would have to purchase a new license for it.

I really hate HarperCollins' new library ebook policy! Collapse )

Ebooks are relatively new. Publishers & libraries are still trying to figure out what system for them works best. Hopefully it won't take HarperCollins too long to figure out that their new plan is crap!


It's not as bad as I thought it would be

Tomorrow morning will be 2 weeks since I sent off Bad Wolf to Texas for the NVIDIA Settlement repair. I've been surviving surprisingly well with Chiana. Of course, the biggest issue with her that was a big catalyst to getting Bad Wolf was that her wireless stopped working. Wasn't the airport card either, as I tried a new one, so it's something in her innards for the wireless. The lack of wi-fi isn't so bad this time, because we finally got a router put in the living room to put the PlayStation 3 & the TiVo online, so I can use an ethernet cable to just plug her in.

I think tomorrow I will call the claims office to see how much longer it will be. The website FAQ had said:
9. How can I track the status of my repair/replacement?
To track the status of your repair/replacement, you can call the telephone support line at 1-877-440-7557 for an update. Remember that repairs to Apple and Dell computers may take up to 4 to 6 weeks, so please be patient.
So when I sent her in I was under the assumption that 6 weeks is worst case scenario, but it should be less than 4. After all, it says may take up to 4 to 6 weeks, not will take up to 4 to 6 weeks.

But last night, I googled for NVIDIA settlement repair average timetable and I hit this little gem in the apple forums.
I just received shocking news regarding the repair that is a result of the NVIDIA GPU Litigation settlement (www.nvidiasettlement.com). There is no guarantee of the timeframe for the repair, and the standard answer from the Claims Administrator is 8-10 weeks.
I sent my MacBook Pro away believing that a reasonable timeframe for the repair, including ship time, would be 7-10 days total. This was an assumption on my part, based on repair experience I've had with companies like Apple. Given that there was no mention of the repair turnaround time, I've been burned by my assumption.
I have asked for my MBP to be returned to me as soon as possible without the completed repair, and was told that the Claims Administrator (located in Massachusetts) has no method of contact or repair status tracking because the repair is being carried out at the CTS Depot in Houston, TX (4949 Windfern Lane). This has become the ultimate disaster.
I am now awaiting additional information from the Claims Administrator, and I have left voicemail with CTS Depot's general business phone number in Houston.
Has anyone else sent their computer to CTS Depot for repair? If so, what was the total turnaround time for the repair?

And his followup the next day said:
I received a phonecall from the Claims Administrator last night. There was a substantial miscommunication among their offices and personnel. I will have my MBP back within 8-10 days--sometime next week. The apology was sincere.

So it sounds like I should call, and if I am quoted anything crazy long I can try the same route as him to get it expedited.

I really did expect to have more problems getting stuff done on this older machine than I have had. Most embedded video (You Tube, Vimeo, etc.) suck ass on it though. Super slow & jerky. Something on here needs to be updated!

Yup, still awake.

I'm still LOVE LOVE LOVING my Nook eReader. I hadn't been reading as much the last few years when I stopped going to the library regularly. Then I got Kindle & Nook apps on my iPhone and started reading a little more before bed. But now, I'm just chewing through books!

A big part of this is the fact that I can check out books from the Hennepin County Library to read on the Nook. And they keep adding more and more books! Last time I raved about the awesomeness of HCL about 1.5 months ago they were up to 5500 ebooks. Now they have almost 8300! Heck, I've got over 600 tagged in my Wish List so whenever I finish what I'm reading I can always find something new that's available.

I was thinking about doing a 50 books challenge this year to read more, but I don't think I need too. Because I can easily keep a record of what I've read, I know that I've already read 31 books this year. Since that means I'm averaging over 10 per month, that means I'll probably have over 120 for the year. Heck, I've got 4 days that I'll be in a minivan in May. That alone will probably be a dozen books... (Don't worry, I don't expect that I'll be stuck with much of the driving. Reading + Driving = Bad Idea!)

Also, my Nook will be very pretty soon. I've uploaded this image to Decal Girl to use for a skin for it.
I also uploaded images/skin templates for my iPhone and my laptop. I really love the quality of Decal Girl's stuff, but their prices don't allow for me to use them for resale. What I really need to do is just apply to their artist program and hope they like my stuff. When I get the skins and make everything pretty I'll take pictures.

And now, it's bedtime. I've got a book or two to read that are just calling my name!


Poor hellbob. He's a sports widow.

Poor hellbob! This is the only time of year that I actually give a rat's ass about basketball. And because he was foolish enough to give me the info to join the March Madness bracket that one of his coworkers was doing there is potential monies on the line. So I actually care about the college basketball games going on. Right now I'm tied for 9th place w/3 other guys, but before today's games I was way down in 15th, so there's still hope. Also, None of my choices for the Elite Eight have been knocked out yet, so I've still got big points potential. A couple of the guys have already lost one of their picks for the championship game.

Since I don't actually follow college basketball, I need to use Girl Logic to make my bracket picks. Sometimes it works: "I went to Moorhead State, and Morehead State is spelled different and is in a different state, but I've never been to Louisville, so obviously i should pick Morehead." That logic? I was the only person in our 18 person group to pick Morehead over Louisville. LOL. And University of Connecticut? They go by UConn, pronounced You-con. My favorite alcohol? Yukon Jack. Of course I'm going to pick UConn. Especially since their mascot is an adorable husky.
Girl Logic hasn't worked for everything though. The X-Men are cool, and Charles Xavier leads the Xmen. But that wasn't enough to give Xavier a victory over Marquette. They should have used their mutant powers!

I also make picks based on "My friend likes that team." So tx_cronopio, your horny bull team needs to kick Arizona's butt tomorrow! Then they can beat Duke in the Sweet Sixteen, but unfortunately they have to lose to UConn in the Elite Eight. Sorry 'bout that.

I should be sleeping...

I do believe I actually managed to finally catch up on reading LJ. Of course, my random comments to posts from the last week to 2 weeks won't seem like they were late, since LJ had been put on the spam list for many email providers. Email notifications do appear to be working again. This is good. Now I just need to post more often so people will love me comment on my posts.

I have had nooooo energy for the last week. Except when I've had way too much energy because of spring fever. *sigh* Hyper or tired, no in between for me.

My hubby is leaving me. :( It's only for a week. He's going to beautiful Plano, TX for training. Are any of you LJ peeps in TX? Want to hang out w/my hubby? Hey, tx_cronopio, I know you're in TX. Are you near Plano? Someone needs to make sure hellbob behaves while he's down there. *grin* Also, he will have a Moose. It's not like he has any choice about that!

Thanks to the lovely Miss mle292 reminding me that the Minicon author GoH this year is John Scalzi, I am contemplating attending for the first time in a while. Mr. Scalzi was quite charming when I met him in Arizona last year, and again at w00tstock. He is Moose Approved™. I think he may be a sufficient draw for me to spend the monies to attend Minicon.


LJ Writer's Block

If you could either have the powers of Spider-man or the Green Lantern, which would you choose, and why?

(Yes, I know. There's a nifty automated "answer here and we'll post it" feature to the Writer's Block posts, but my spam comments ALWAYS go up after doing it!)

Green Lantern's powers are pretty cool because he can make pretty much anything, but the real reason I'd pick Green Lantern over Spider-Man is because Ryan Reynolds is WAAAAAAAAAY hotter than Tobey Maguire.

Yes, I is shallow. :)

Really LJ?

You can't be bothered to send email notifications for comments that my real friends have left on my current posts, but you send me a comment notification for the Russian Spambot commenting on an entry that's 6 months old? Gee, thanks.

Happy pup!

Crappy iPhone picture of a very happy Dogasaurus Rex. Now that Daylight Savings Time is here it's light when I get home. Between that and the lack of leg pain now that Leon is gone we're going to be able to start taking long walks again!


Awesome stuff coming to Mpls soon

All kinds of fun stuff happening in town the next few months.

The lineup for the 2011 season of MPR's Wits™ was announced at the end of January. I got season passes for me & Rick. We'll be starting with Patton Oswalt on March 25th! (If you want to see Patton and can't make it for the MPR show on the 25th, he's also doing one night only at Acme on the 24th.)
This year's Wits™ lineup includes Patton Oswalt, Chuck Klosterman, Sandra Bernhard, Neil Gaiman, Grant Lee Phillips, Paul F. Tompkins, Josh Ritter, and Rosanne Cash. It's going to be a great season! Wits™ shows are on March 25, April 15, May 20, and June 24.
Here's a short video of what Twitter was saying the day the season guests were announced:

In April, we've finally got Jonathan Coulton coming back to town, and he'll have Paul & Storm with him. They're at the Guthrie and tickets are on sale now. I'm feeling like such a slacker. I didn't know about this one before JoCo announced it on his site, so I'll be sitting waaaaaaaaay back in the 5th row.

Paul F. Tompkins is finally doing a show in Minneapolis. It's May 14th at the Parkway Theater, and tickets are on sale now.

There are also a bunch of good comedy shows coming up at Acme Comedy Co. The ones my reliable source recommended are Drew Hastings (this week through Sat.), Tommy Johnagin (March 24th & 25th) and Dana Gould (May 19, 21 & 21). Also, they just added a couple more acts in May that are going to be awesome: Maria Bamford (May 10-14) and Kyle Kinane (May 24-28). We went to Bamford's show last time she was here and she's awesome. I've only hear a short bit of Kyle Kinane's standup on one of the Nerdist podcasts, and he's really good.

If I had unlimited funds and the ability to be in several places at once I'd be attending all these events. Alas, it's not possible. I'll be roadtripping to Florida in May and will have to miss Paul F. Tompkins, Dana Gould, and the Sandra Bernhard/Rosanne Cash Wits™. We will also probably not make it to see Tommy Johnagin because he's just here the two nights and we're at Patton Oswalts' Wits™ show one of those nights. I will definitely be at all the other Wits™ shows, the JoCo/Paul & Storm show. We will probably catch both Maria Bamford and Kyle Kinane.

Hopefully I'll see y'all out at one or more of these!

Back with the old girlfriend

I got Bad Wolf bundled up and sent off on Monday for the new graphics card. It's easier using the old laptop than I expected it to be, but I still miss my baby. :( Even though the class action site says it could take 4-6 weeks I'm really hoping that's just a worst case scenario and he'll be on his way back next week. It could happen, right?

I had my post-surgery appointment today and was given a clean bill of health, no restrictions. Yay! I can has working leg! The doctor is pretty sure he got the whole cyst out, and even though it had been on the nerve I maintained full range of motion and mobility in my leg. I've currently got one patch on my leg that is still numb. The top of my foot was kind of numb after the surgery, but now there's pain. It doesn't hurt when it's just sitting there, but if I run my finger lightly down it, it feels like I'm being scratched. The doc said this is actually a good thing because it means that it is the nerve coming back. Let's hope this part goes quick! As for the incision itself, there's no pain there. :)

My dog is still awesome. Rex started his obedience classes two weekends ago and he's doing pretty good. Sometimes he's just too smart though so he tries to anticipate what we're going to have him do. Rex isn't just smart, he's also well informed. We leave a radio on for him during the day and it's tuned to NPR so he actually listens to more NPR on a daily basis than Rick & I combined. Naturally, there was only one thing we could do. This year's donation to the pledge drive went in his name. I've now got an MPR membership card that says Dogasaurus Rex Snyder on it!

My goal for tomorrow is to sever a limb

And by sever a limb I mean prepare to send Bad Wolf, my laptop, away for possibly as long as 4-6 weeks. :(

There was an NVIDIA GPU class action settlement and my computer is eligible for me to get my NVIDIA GPU or MCP replaced at no charge.

I've already got my postage paid box of foam to put him in. I just need to transfer anything I might need for the next month or so to my old laptop and/or my external hard drive. And I need to deauthorize things like iTunes and my onOne plugins because some repairs might affect or delete the computer's authorization. And I need to completely erase things like my password keeper program, so there's no access.

Argh! It's going to be so hard to be without him for a minimum of a week, but probably longer! But, I'm out of AppleCare warranty, and it does this black screen thing sometimes when waking up from sleep, so I should get the part replaced at no charge that I can.

If I get everything ready tomorrow night I can send him off w/FedEx on Wednesday. At least there's plenty of leeway so he'll definitely be back before the roadtrip to Florida in May. Who knows, maybe the person who opens the box at the repair center will be a JoCo fan or a Tom Bihn fan, will see the stickers on Bad Wolf, and will think to themselves "This computer's owner is awesome and has fabulous taste. We shall rush this repair."

Yeah, LJ really is dead these days...

No one on my LJ flist is really posting much about the Oscars. I'm going to just follow Twitter for now, favorite any Tweets I like, and do a compilation post of them later.


Oscar night!

OK, settled down on the couch with my gimp leg propped up, lucky13charm here, and our laptops online and ready to watch the Oscars and let the snark begin!

Spoilers and snark here under the cut.Collapse )

Twitter nuggets of joy read while watching teh #OscarsCollapse )


Leon's gone!

I am home safe & sound from surgery. hellbob is awesome & is waiting on me hand and foot. Pain is not bad so far.



There was a serious 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand today. It was about 7.5 hours ago at this point and they are still suffering from aftershocks. There have been over 20 aftershocks already and they've almost all been at least 4.0.

You can get updated information HERE.

If you want to donate to the New Zealand Red Cross, click HERE.

There's a Google Person Finder site set up to help people find their friends and loved ones HERE.

The images I've been seeing of the destruction are heartbreaking. There have been 65 deaths reported so far. My thoughts are with all my NZ & Antarctica peeps who are still waiting to hear from friends & loved ones. *hug*

Shortly before I heard about the quake I got an email from Hera Hjartardottir with a link to buy her new song, Rattle My Bones.
The song is about a relationship, not an earthquake, but the lyrics were eerily prophetic:
Where can I go..
I have been broken
You can’t just come back and make it alright
Because the pieces don’t fit, anymore
How will it feel
To see your face
Back in the place
Where I feel safe
Yes I thought you were
Forever removed from my life
You’re breaking me, shaking me

Hera's Icelandic, but lives in Christchurch, NZ. Thankfully, via Twitter, I know she's unhurt, as is her family, and musician Jason Webley who was with her when the quake hit. Please everyone, keep New Zealand in your thoughts today, and help if you can.

Random bits

Less than 2 days until surgery. The pain from the cyst hasn't really been bad since the temp outside rose above zero, but the numbness sucks and the random tingling (think foot waking up after falling asleep) is beyond annoying & frustrating. Today I brought my slippers to work because when the tingling is really bad wearing shoes makes it unbearably uncomfortable.

Breaking news: It's February in Minnesota and it snowed again! Another Snowpocalypse. Meh. I snowblowed the driveway a couple times yesterday so I didn't have any problem getting out this morning. We probably ended up with a total of about 15-20 inches total here at our house.

The Dogasaurus Rex still thinks that deep fluffy new snow is The Best Thing Evah!

Rex was supposed to start his first obedience class yesterday, but it was cancelled because of the weather. My puppy had a snow day!

I've got passes to go see a preview of Hall Pass tomorrow. I'm not expecting it to be awesome, but free movies are always awesome! Well, ok, almost always awesome. There have been some where I felt like I still paid too much.

An unplanned bonus of my surgery being this Wednesday instead of next is that I will be at home recovering on the couch on Thursday the 24th. Discovery is set to launch at 11:30 am EST on the 24th. I'll be able to go online & watch her launch! Yay! http://www.spaceref.com/news/viewpr.rss.spacewire.html?pid=32813

Surgery scheduled!

My cyst has a name. I call him Leon. (because he's probably a ganglion cyst)

Leon also has a scheduled departure date!
It was going to be March 1st with Dr. Johnson at TRIA, but today I saw Dr. Kearns at Twin Cities Orthopedics and I'm going to have him do the surgery on March February 23rd instead.
I'm so glad I decided to go in for a second opinion and see if I could find someone to do the surgery sooner.

My appointment today was everything that my appointment on Monday wasn't. I'm much happier with my new surgeon. He looked closely at my MRI, he talked to me, he pointed out what all the important stuff in the MRI was, he answered all my questions, he told me all the pros & cons of my different options, and he gave me a painkiller prescription to help me sleep. He never once gave me the impression that he wished I would stop asking questions so he could get to his next patient.

I definitely feel like this doctor has my best interests at heart.

Also, the pain was much less today. It is now a level of pain I can live with for 2 weeks.


I choose you!

This picture is 'shopped, but it is also adorable!

Want Of The Day
see more TDW Geeks

Venn diagrams are awesome.

Death To Humans Of The Day
see more TDW Geeks

Leg not amputated yet...

I never did update after seeing the orthopedic specialist yesterday.

Yup, there's a cyst there in my leg. It is 10 cm long. TEN! It tapers off at both ends, but in the widest part in the middle it is 3 cm across. Now that I know what it is I can totally feel it. But even knowing what the lump is, it still just really feels like a tense knotted muscle.

The pain varies. It doesn't hurt at all right now, it was pretty bad this morning. The part that is really bothering me is the numbness. There's a patch on the top of my foot that's had no feeling since Sunday.

The orthopedic dude I saw was down at Tria Orthopedics. They are some of the best ortho people in town, and take care of almost all the injuries from the various pro teams here in town. Unfortunately I felt like the doctor I saw didn't have much interest in me. I'm sure my silly little cyst is kind of like a stubbed toe to them compared to the injuries they usually deal with, but I felt like he really didn't take a lot of time with me.

Maybe he was just overbooked because it was a Monday. I don't know. He never even asked me about my pain level. I had to ask him what to do about the pain & he said to just take Advil & if it got worse we'd move my surgery date up. *sigh* Why do I have the feeling that if the pain gets worse I'll have to call Dr. R, my primary care physician, to get painkillers? Granted, these guys don't know me, but if I go in for something because it hurts, 99% of the time that means it already hurts too much for Advil!

The doc told me there were 3 options for treating the cyst:
1. Do nothing. This is SOP for most cysts because they really aren't harmful in & of themselves.
2. Use a big ol' needle to drain it.
3. Surgery, w/ a spinal anesthetic instead of a general, to go in and remove the whole cyst.
Option 1, right out. It hurts! Not willing to just live with the pain for the fun of it.
Option 2, would be a good option except that he said it would almost certainly come back at some point and they'd just have to do it again.
Option 3, oh yeah, I'm all over this one. More painful initially than draining, but then it is gone, done, over.

Of course, I still have no idea when this surgery is even going to happen. The doctor told me his scheduling person would get a hold of me. She didn't yesterday so I left a message this morning. I was out of the store for a whole whopping FIVE minutes today to pick up lunch. Guess when she called! So I called her back immediately, got her voicemail, and left a message. Think she bothered to call again? *sigh*

I'd really like to get this thing scheduled so I can get the work arrangements made. I know I'll take at least the day after off, and possibly 2 days.

Also, if it looks like I'm going to be stuck with this thing for a week or more, I'm going to need a name for it!



Well, I now know that getting an MRI is oddly soothing at you lay there in the loud noise not moving.
Unfortunately, on a related note, I also now know that I have a cyst in my leg. :(
My leg was hurting Friday night and I thought it was just a sore muscle. But Rick massaging it didn't help, and it didn't get any better on it's own. So today I decided that I had to go to urgent care and after the xray showed nothing they sent me over to Methodist for an MRI.
There's a cyst in my left leg about 6" below the knee and off to the side. Tomorrow I go see a specialist and find out if they'll just drain it somehow or if I get to have surgery. Yay. Either way it's gotta go because it's right by a nerve. Fun.

I can't read fast enough!

Holy cow! Hennepin County Library just added another couple batches of ebooks to their selection!
They're up to 5500 ebooks now. :)
I'm maxed out on my requests (they allow 15 at one time) so I can get some of the more popular titles. I've also got over 400 books tagged for my wish list so that evey time I finish a book I can just browse that list to see what's available and what I'm in the mood for next. At this rate, with HCL adding books faster than I can read them, I just may never need to actually purchase any books for my nook!


Middle American Saturday Night

The Christian Kane concert tonight was just awesome! He's so pretty. And so talented. I'd like to keep him for my very own, k? Thanks!
I've got lots of pictures which I will probably get up fairly soon. I ended up not being able to use the 70-300 2.8 I borrowed from West for more than just a few shots because mgmt came up and told me I wasn't allowed to use that lens. *pout* I told them that the bar management had told me there were no restrictions but they said it was a band rule, not the bar.
Most everyone who was planning to go ended up not going, but vanaabegra showed up. And right at the very end my friend Melissa (@melissagerman on Twitter) came out. We went back and found a booth and just sat talking for a while. I really need to hang out with Melissa more since she's pretty cool. She's the girl I met for the first time when I picked her up to take her to the airport when we were both on the same flight to Florida for the Shuttle launch/tweeetup.
After the music was done I managed to snag one of the set lists! w00t! Didn't get to meet him, and neither did Moose but we had fun anyway.

Lazy Sunday

Lazy day today. Actually took down the Xmas tree though.
I also washed my dog. I figured that we'd need to bathe him some day and so I should probably find out how he reacts to it so we'd know what to expect. I just took him in the shower with me and he didn't bark or whine at all. He didn't love it, but he didn't fight it. I was really prepared for the possibility of finally hearing the "Shiba scream" because I've read that many Shibas just hate being bathed. More proof that we have the most awesome pup ever!

Have I mentioned yet how much I absolutely LOVE the nook?! Thanks to the Hennepin County Library and the nook blog's Free Fridays I haven't run out of anything to read since getting it! There were about 800 titles at HCL available for ebook checkout when we got our nook on Black Friday, and in just the month and a half since then the number of titles available from them has jumped to over 4700! They've got a really nice mix of titles available too. I've gone through the entire catalog of ebooks and added titles that sounded interesting to my library wish list. I've got over 300 titles there, so I shouldn't run out of reading material any time soon!


Writer's Block: Workin' for a livin'

What would you consider the worst job in the world, and why?

This one's easy. hellbob and I say it every time we watch the show: a cameraman on the show Dirty Jobs! All of the disgustingness that Mike Rowe goes through x2! The cameramen have to go in first and they have to get down into the gross stuff, and I'm sure they don't get paid nearly what he does.



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