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I am gradually working on getting more pictures out there on our web site.
I uploaded the Paul Bunyanland pictures and they can be found HERE

Also, if you enjoyed the cat spam from a few days ago, THIS is where you can find all those pictures, in addition to quite a few more. Because, really, you never can get enough of my fuzzy little babies!

I had a picture of Harvey v2.004 up a few weeks ago, here is last years picture of Harvey v2.003

While sitting downtown with hellbob, waiting to pick ksracxe up after work, I took pictures of the buildings I could see through our sunroof

I haven't been able to get a picture of the snapping turtle in the pond at work, because he's always too far away, but I did find a really neat birds nest over near the woodchuck hole

And last, but not least, when I was in Theo Wirth park a few weeks ago, I found what may just be the most phallic tree, evah!

Oh, and the new user pic. kalfoley should recognize the picture. It is by a brilliant young artist who just happens to be my godson, James!

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