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The new lemur exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo opens on May 29th. You should go see it, because lemurs are cute! passaddhi and I will be going to see them on Wed, May 26th after the Zoo closes, cuz we're special! :) OK, we pay to be special. They are having a preview night and if you are a zoo member you can go! Yay! Lemurs! Unfortunately I think that their new Madagascar exhibit will also have Madagascar hissing cockroaches. ick.
I've got some busy weeks coming up...
Lemurs on May 26.
Seattle/Birch Bay June 4-10,
Prince June 16,
Mexican Wolves member night at the zoo on June 25,
The last Angel Episode on May 19,
Convergence July 2-9 July 2-5
Root Beer Kegger this Saturday
Brunch w/Jeanine, etc for birthdays this Sunday
And those are just the things that are already planned.
I've also got to get Chiana completely backed up before Sunday so I can run her over to the Apple store to ship her off to get fixed.

hey genevra, you're gonna let me take your little compact flash store all your pictures thing with me to Washington, right? Cuz I'm planning on taking one or two photos!

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