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Chatting with HellBob in the car today on the way home from his sister's house, he told me about a conversation with our neighbors Steve & Tammy about the elections. Steve's wife Tammy just voted for the unopposed incumbents in all the judge elections, except for one. There was apparently a woman named Laura Bush running. Regardless of the fact that she is most likely unrelated, Tammy just couldn't bring herself to vote for a Bush, so she left it blank. At this point Steve says to HellBob, "I didn't want to vote for anyone named Bush either, so I just wrote in your name" My husband got a vote in the election! :) Steve said he didn't know if they would track who you wrote in and he didn't want to get in trouble for voting for himself!

Well, I made it to OmegaCon! :) The decision was made at about 7ish on Friday, so I packed up a couple days worth of clothes, my HeroClix, my moose, a pillow and a blanket and I was on my way! After a quick stop at Kathy's to get the key for her & dad's cabin, I was Wisconsin-bound.
OmegaCon was held in a WONDERFUL hotel called "The Lodge" in Siren, Wisconsin. The entire hotel was just Con people so we had the run of the place. We got special pool/hot tub hours that were later than the hotel usually had.
I really, really wish I could have stayed at the hotel, but the fundage wasn't there. My parents have a cabin just 10 minutes north of Siren, so I managed to talk them into letting me stay there. I think the only reason Kathy said yes is that I had no intention of spending time there for anything other than a few hours sleep each night and a shower each morning. My mother is a bit insane, but that is a long long story for another time...
Entering the hotel, the sign on the table said "Registration is in the hot tub. Ask for Lauren" :) This is a good sign of a relaxing weekend! I registered. I was guest # 73 - not a large convention, but you know, size doesn't matter.
I was then told where the con suite was and started wandering that way in hopes of seeing *someone* I knew well enough for my slightly-insecure-in-groups-of-unknown-people self to glom on to. As I passed the rooms with names such as Canada Goose, Little Acorn, etc. I saw chebutykin come out of a room. "Muskrat Love!" I exclaimed. No, this is not some weird fetish with my roomate. It was the name of her room. :)
She was also headed to the con suite so we meandered the rest of the way. I settled in there for a couple hours talking to people such as cajones, petsnakereggie, moneygod, windelina, and Monte. I determined that with so many LJers around, they should devise a way to float names above one's head like in EverQuest. I also learned that Monte's real name is not Monte, nor is it Bunny, it is Chris. I had no clue. I thought it really was Monte.
Around 11:30ish sleepingzebras and bloodlossgirl showed up! It is such a treat to see them both at the same time since he lives in Duluth, MN and she lives in Madison, WI. I know you two hate hearing this, but you are such a cute couple!! :) BLG took a while to get used to, because her black and purple hair was blond! Wheeeee! The color had all been stripped out for a Halloween costume. She is sooooo not a blond. Too goth for blond. Luckily she is so darn cute she can pull it off anyway.
By this time, Cheb's world was spinning, courtesy of Scotch. UZ was tired and decided to sleep, so BLG and I changed into our suits and hit the hot tub. It was empty so we just chatted away for about 45 minutes enjoying the bubbly warm goodness. After the hot tub she decided to sleep also, so I changed and headed to con suite again. Chatted for an hour or so and then headed to the cabin.
Now, not once did I consider all the aspects of staying at the cabin. Namely the "It is very dark and deserted here in the woods and I have to get from my car to the cabin without getting killed by a serial killer" aspect. This honestly never once occured to me until I turned into the winding driveway and pulled up to the cabin. It was DARK. New moon less than a week ago dark. Yes, I will admit it, I left the car headlights on as I carried my stuff into the cabin. And I had my finger on the panic button, ready to hit it at any hint of a serial killer. And I checked all the door locks when I got in. Twice. I am not normally so easily freaked out. But it was dark! I really wasn't freaked out once I got in, it was just the eight feet from the car to the door that were tough. :) Er, um, did I say eight feet? I meant eighty feet, yeah, that's it. Uh huh. It was a reeeaaallly long way. Luckily I was smart enough to realize that the heater would make noise after I turned it up. So I ignored all those serial killer noises coming from the vicinity of the furnace.
Then I slept.
Then I woke up.
It was 11 am on Saturday & I had a full day of relaxing scheduled.
But I am very tired right now, so I shan't speak of it until tomorrow.
So there.
You just have to wait.

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