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Alexander has nothing on me today!

I am apparently on the MadCow cluster, so I didn't have LJ last night! Grr. Although I was quite amused by the madcow name.
So I did what all good LJ addicts do. I wrote my post in my client and put Chiana to sleep thinking that I would just hit send in the morning.

I woke up cranky today for no apparent reason. I just am.
Poor hellbob got dumped on a little for something that wasn't his fault. Every once in a while when Chiana is sleeping, and you open her back up, she doesn't recognise that you have opened her and she stays asleep. When it's happened I just close her back up and open her again and it's all good. HB didn't know this so when he opened her and she didn't wake up he figured she was off and hit the power button. This actually turned her off. I came out of the shower to him sitting there with her asking me why she won't turn on. Arg. So I got her turned on, but all was lost. It wasn't an important post anyway...

Anyhow, the crankiness. I don't know where it came from. It just is. Every little thing is setting me on edge. Like the girl next to me who has allergies or something. Every time she sniffs I want to hurl a box of Kleenexes at her head! And can't the bathroom cleaning minions here EVER find a better time to clean than right over the busiest part of lunch? I like to be able to pee while waiting for my food to heat up!
I am also just plain twitchy today. My skin is all twitchy. I now know what it means when people say they feel like they're going to jump out of their skin. And I had to put a band-aid on one of my fingers because I just couldn't stop biting the nail. Everything around me is annoying me and I JUST WANNA GO HOME!!

So HB, I might as well apologise in advance in case I snap at you tonight.
Can I go home now?

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