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I hate phone trees!

press 1 if you want to get put in an endless menu loop
press 2 if you want to get put on hold for approximately 3-5 years
press 3 if you don't believe that any real people work here
press 4 if you are bored and have nothing better to do

Annoying phone trees aside, I actually accomplished stuff! I called Sports Illustrated and informed them that contrary to the bill I received, I did not renew my SI subscription because I never had one. I also did not send a year of SI to Manda. I renewed Entertainment Weekly, and I sent a year of that to Manda. So the nice boy at SI/EW took care of that for me. Then I called AT&T Wireless and tried to pay my remaining balance on the cancelled account by credit card. Their automated system won't accept a credit card payment of $0.20. And I won't accept spending $0.37 to pay $0.20. But the nice customer service chick saw the ridiculousness of a bill that small and wiped it off the system. Then I called AT&T Long Distance and said "What's this minimum usage crap?" and got set up with a non-expensive plan.

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