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Went to the Minnesota Zoo last night with RhesusMonkey for the member's preview night of the new lemur exhibit. Lemurs are sooo cute! It's gonna be a few days before any pictures can go up because I won't have Chiana back until tonight or tomorrow.
They had food there, and it was yummy. And we got to see the Imax film "Bugs" and it was kind of creepy. It's in 3D and many children started crying and screaming after seeing a GIGANTIC Imax sized praying mantis bite the head off of a fly!
I also saw Ross Taylor who was the zookeeper in charge of the Arctic Foxes back in the summer of '87 when I studied them at the MNZoo's summer ZooSchool. I don't think he remembered me. I asked about the pregnant Mexican Wolf, and learned that she had a litter of 8 pups, but only 2 survived because she had them in a makeshift den instead of the nice safe artificial den. :(
But still, when your worldwide numbers are less than 350, 2 puppies are WAY better than none!

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