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Behold, the power of cheese... Part Deux

Saturday I wandered on in to the hotel at about noon and on into the con suite. Grilled ham & cheese sandwiches. Mmmmmmm. I found sleepingzebras and bloodlossgirl there. I mentioned that there was a quilt shop about a mile up the road and BLG got a glint in her eye! We headed out to my car and hit the road. So many beautiful fabrics. No money. Quilt stores suck. They have all the best fabric and such high prices.
Then BLG wanted to see the rest of Siren. Not much between the quilt shop and the hotel. Then, all of about 3 or 4 blocks past the hotel. Definitely small town! But all the buildings are new and are cool woodsy cabin kinda looking. Tornados suck. New buildings after tornadoes don't suck.
We saw a sign for a rummage sale at the community center and just had to go!
Wow! This is where horrible kitch goes to die! We saw fiber optic plants like this, porcelain animals like this and Christian stuff like this!
(Even scarier is how easy it was to find pictures of this stuff on the web!)
We also hit some of the cute shops downtown. Definitely "tourist" prices! Although the one store had candy sticks! I got a handful of root beer ones. I love those things!
Back to the hotel to collect UZ. We roadtripped to the theater (only 3 buildings down!) and discovered that My Big Fat Greek Wedding did not start for an hour, so we hit the cute shops between the theater and the hotel. I bought postcards, of course.
We stopped at the pool to chat with chebutykin and cajones and I decided that the pool/hot tub was far more enticing than a movie. After that, I hit the Toy Story 2 commentary-o-rama for an hour or so. Then I wandered a little, and when I saw Cheb in her very cool red oriental dress I decided it was time to change for dinner. UZ & BLG were just back from the movie also.
Food was not bad, just not great. The roast beast which I think was pork was super dry and just screaming for gravy. The chicken was good, although a little bland. Potatoes yummy! Garlic bread good! Lasagne good!
More wandering.
Then, bonfire. Fire good! BLG had her very first S'more ever. Silly girl has had a deprived life. Then, rain. Rain bad. Went back inside.
At some point I played a game called 25 words or less with Peter and a bunch of people who's names I don't remember. I am so bad at names until it actually sticks. Then it is generally there forever. Fun game, but not what I was in the mood for.
Oh, we also went to get alcohol at some point. ConSuite had lots, but not any Yukon Jack. Foolish Mortals.
Later I played a card game called Chez Geek. Pretty fun once we figured out the rules!
Then it was 11:00. Time for trailer park. This was a bunch of movie trailers that petsnakereggie had put together.
Then at 12:00 it was time for the sex talk. Told UZ about it as I stopped in to freshen my drink, but the nap-monster had control of him. I sat in the sex talk for about an hour and a half. The discussion was led by lexinatrix and barda. Lots of people telling funny stories. The vibrator cozies made by BLG's friend from the Gothic Ladies' Quilting Circle & Badass Society (glqcbs) were mentioned.
1:30 I decided it was HeroClix time and found Cheb and Chris. They had just started so I joined in and finally learned how to play. (neat! I just hit control/i out of habit and learned that I don't actually have to type all the html crap! wheeeee!)
Game ended at 3:00 am. I went to the consuite for another short while then decided that I must sleep. Gathered my belongings from the Flying Vermin room (OK, so the sign said Canada Goose... I just call 'em like I see 'em) where UZ & BLG were kind enough to let me stash it to prevent having to run out to car all the time.
Then I went back to the main room to find my tennis shoes. They apparently had been inspired by the sex talk and run off to try to make some baby Reboks. I had another pair of shoes so I just decided to look again the next day.
I saw silmarian on my way out and he was sort of confused at my leaving until I explained the whole broke, stay at cabin where serial killers can get me thing.
Again, I safely made it in to the cabin.
I slept.
I woke.
It was Sunday. I didn't really do much other than a little lurking and saying of the goodbyes.
I met several LJ users who I had seen in comments and such. birdfigment and redbird23 look just like their icons! I also met wiredferret, and probably a few others that I didn't know were LJers.
Then I left. Came home. Weekend over. Never did find my shoes...

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