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This has been such a long week! Today was my 13 1/2 hr work day, because I had to go straight from real job to part-time job. Stopped at Suncoast though for my Lord of the Rings. I so wanted the cool bookend, but could not bring myself to rationalize it what with our current financial state and all.....
I get to see passaddhi on Friday! I will be picking him up downtown when I get off work at 12:30 so we can get him home in time to meet some sort of repairman. Then I get to go play with him until Hellbob is done working.
I assume that because of the Peter Gabriel festivities, Hellbob will just stay downtown. We haven't checked with Kaldeth or Jeanine yet about pre-show dinner plans, but I am assuming it will be the usual Eli's.
You would think it would be too cold for the cold-blooded critters to be out. Yesterday, when I went outside for my usual 2:00 second-hand smoke break, there was a cute little garter snake wandering around the smoking area. When I got back in and told Jean she asked why I didn't pick it up and move it! This is the woman who freaks out when I pick up things like wooly bear caterpillars and cute little frogs. She's always telling me not to pick stuff up, but since she wasn't out there she wanted me to pick it up to move it away from the door before she left! It's so cute watching her freak out over the most harmless things.
Now I must go watch TV while working in my sketchbook for art class, because I have been a real slacker on that & teacher wants to see it tomorrow. It's not that I haven't wanted to do anything, it's just that I never seem to have any time. Oh well. I don't think I can take any classes next semester because they aren't offering any that I need in the evenings.

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