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The Prince concert was last night and it was mostly great!
Here is the STrib review
Prince was relaxed and happy. He was joking with the audience. He had an amazing backup band. He did a pretty long acoustic set. He had four different outfits. He played for 2 hours. It really was a great concert for the most part.
The only thing that I wish the Prince concert had more of was Prince! There were lots of long breaks where it was just the backups, which most concerts have for the singer to get a bit of a rest, but that doesn't mean I have to like them. But the thing that bugged me most was when he was singing his classics he would have the audience sing. It was cool the first time, and the second, and even a little bit the third time, but every song? C'mon! And I was apparently in the minority for being annoyed about it, 'cuz when we were talking about it afterwards j. made the comment that it was what made it so fun. It was fun, but he didn't sing any of his classics all the way through. I paid $60 to hear Prince sing, not to hear karaoke! By the end I had the feeling that he was doing it for the ego boost of hearing the crowd. That tiny little purple man has a HUGE ego!
But, minor complaints aside, it was a fabulous concert!
Oh, and no pics, cuz cameras weren't allowed.

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