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I don't have to work!

A whole day off for no reason!
I had these secret plans of just curling up on the couch and working my way through all the stuff we have TIVO'd, but alas, Hellbob wants me to do wifely things like vacuuming. *sigh*
Called the Saturn dealer cuz the "service" light with the picture of a little wrench next to it came on. I have to plan to leave my car for a whole day, cuz they don't know what they'll find. Apparently it is relatively rare for this light to come on rather than the "service engine soon" Makes me wonder if this is related to the screwdriver I found under the hood after my last oil change. The only reason I even found it was that I had to go into the engine to hit the "change oil soon" light reset button...
Argh. At least darn near everything on the car is warrentied.
Have to call my little brother. He was working on our Mazda and the tire is back on so the BeastFromHell may be mobile again. Albeit currently having expired tabs... Then we can sell it. To someone we don't know, as I am fairly certain it is cursed. Then if we sell it, the Saturn can live in the garage! It soooo wants to be an indoor car...
I also have to do the checkbook today or tomorrow. I just hate doing it when there is no money.
I actually finished the art project due tonight on Sunday. That is a whole two days before it is due. This could be a new record.
Can I just go curl up on the couch with the Gabester and Lumpy? Do I really have to do domestic crap?
At least I think my Friday afternoon is completely empty. I really missed my Friday nap last week, although seeing passaddhi and then going to the Peter Gabriel concert were pretty darn good reasons.
The concert was soooo cool. I was never a huge PG fan, mostly cuz I hate the song Sledgehammer, but Hellbob got me liking all his other stuff. I still can't believe we spent $130 per ticket, but it was worth it with how happy HB was. Have I ever mentioned that our cat Gabriel is actually named after Peter Gabriel? This was a concert that HB had waited his entire life for.

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