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Went over to genevra & akdar's tonight to see the Worlds Cutest Babies(TM). The babies bought me a present: Monkey socks! I now have 5 pairs of different monkey socks. When I showed hellbob he just rolled his eyes. I'm pretty sure that he thinks that means he gets more porn...
Genevra & Akdar have a momma duck nesting in their bushes. I went out to see her and took some pictures which I will upload at some point. Quack!
Dad was there too, and he gave me a flyer for NatCam's summer photo contest. The theme is "Minnesota Best", what you like best about our Minnesota summers. You can enter up to 3 photos. I am definitely going to enter this one from the Aquatennial:

but I'm not sure which other ones...
maybe a bald eagle pic, maybe a Ren Fest pic, maybe an outdoor concert pic, maybe I'll wander around with my camera some more... I have until July 31st, so maybe a MN Zoo pic, since I'll be down there next Friday...

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