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I started to develop a headache towards the end of the day, and I thought it might be from lack of caffeine because today was the first day I tried caffeine free after cutting back the last few weeks. A Diet Mtn Dew didn't help though. And I couldn't take any aspirin because of the aforementioned blood appointment. So, the first thing I did after I was done was down four of those puppies and they didn't help! Grrr. It's not a pounding I'm gonna die type headache, but it is just enough to be annoying. Bleah.
I asked the nice vampire ladies what I was at for pints because I figured I would be somewhere near 5 gallons. Nope. I am at 46 pints, which is only 2 pints away from SIX gallons! That's a lot of blood!
I think I need to go to bed soon. My head hates me!
I'll be on vacation next week from Tuesday all the way until the 5th! So I have to, have to, have to go take the math assessment test at MCTC so I can register for fall classes!
Sandy, do you still have this year's Turbo Tax on your machine? If so, can I bring this years tax file over to reprint, cuz the Windows 98 on our machine is FUBAR'd and we need the tax info for our financial aid apps.

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