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I lead a weekend men's group, we specialize in ritual killings

The weekend in review:
*Went to the MN Zoo and saw the baby wolves.
*Went to kaldeth kalfoley's house & watched a really bad movie.
*Went to Antiques Roadshow with my dad & stood in line for a very long time.
*Went to Jeanine's for drinks & then to Urban Wildlife to see Filthy Divine perform
*Slept in, accomplished nothing but some grocery shopping

That's pretty much it...

The wolves: As I mentioned in a previous post, the Minnesota Zoo had a litter of Mexican Grey Wolves born again this year. Of the 8 pups, unfortunately only 2 survived. They were born on May 18th, and are just over a month old. I went to a member's night on Friday where Jackie, the zookeeper in charge of the wolves, gave a talk & then took our small group of about 10 people back to the wolf exhibit to see them. This page has a recent picture of the two pups guaranteed to make you say "Awwwww". The are so darn cute! As part of the member night, we got to see the wolves as Jackie threw a special treat into the enclosure for them: pieces of deer hide that the zoo gets from the state from deer killed on the road (in other words, they don't kill deer specifically for this). It was very cool watching the patterns of dominance in the pack, especially with Jackie being able to say which wolf was which. There are currently 11 wolves in the enclosure: Cheyenne & Rio are the mom & dad; Alita, Tano, Ulie, Kaya, Frisco, Tala & Chita are the 7 yearlings born last year, and then the boy & girl born this year. If you want to see them in action, we were told that on Monday, the keepers will be catching the two pups for their first human contact to microchip them, vaccinate them & just give them an overall checkup & Fox news will be there for this. So if you live in the cities, you should be able to see them on tomorrow nights newscast.

The really bad movie we watched at the KalHouse was Wrong Turn. Not even the hotness of Eliza Dushku could save this movie. And the other chick was so annoying that we were glad when she finally got killed.

Saturday morning I got up ungodly early to go to mom & dad's house in Shoreview to go to the Antiques Roadshow with my dad. We got there at 9:00, got in the already insane line for 9:30 ticket holders, and then stood in line for 2.5 hours. Most of it inside in a room that near as we could tell had thousands of people and TWO air conditioning vents. Dad saw a guy he worked with at IBM, and I saw G. from CotP. Also there were a few people from local antique shops/auction houses that dad knew. One of the items we had was an old kalidescope that dad had as a boy. he didn't know how old it was as they had had it for as long as he could remember. (Dad is 70 years old, so this means it was fairly old). It is a really unique design that we had never seen anywhere and had no information on. I wish I had a picture of it because it is hard to describe. It actually looks more like a microscope than a telescope like the traditional kalidescopes do. There is a wooden base, and attached to that, a cast iron arm holding two pieces of wood a couple inches above the base. The pieces of wood are attached to each other in a "V" shape with mirrors inside and there is a hole on the top, so when you look through the hole, the two mirrors reflect each other so you see multiple images of what you have placed on the base. Also, there is a wooden disk that isn't attached with a peg on the bottom that you insert into holes on the base and this is what you place objects on so that you can spin it. When the appraiser was looking at it, another appraiser who spotted it came over. Apparently it isn't a kalidescope, it is a symmetriscope. Dad's toy finally has a name!! He figured it was probably manufactured about 1910-1915, and said it's value is between $300-500, but in the right auction for collectors of optical toys it could bring up to $1000! This is very cool, but since we aren't selling it the coolest thing was just finding out more about it.
Dad also had the Carl Mydans picture of General MacArthur. The VERY snooty photograph appraiser said that it is worth about $1500-$2000, but it could use a better frame. Duh. That's why we were getting the photo appraised rather than the frame! She was totally not interested in the collection of photos from Uncle Roddy. Barely even looked, said that photos are usually just valuable as a historical archive.

Then I came home and napped.

After waking up it was time to pick up the Foleys and head to Jeanine's for drinks and dessert before Nick's concert. Zoe is still the sweetest greyhound ever! We love her!
We got to Urban Wildlife as the band before Filthy Divine was going on. Damn it was loud! I felt so old, but I was damn glad for my earplugs. FD was pretty good. Not the best show we've seen from them, but still good. Viva was drunk. Nate is leaving the band so it was his last show. They didn't even start playing until about 12:00. I am too damn old for this 2:00 bar closing shit! Where was this when I was young enough to enjoy it?? And the smoke! My eyes were just burning, and I woke up feeling hungover because of all the secondhand smoke.

Today's big accomplishment was grocery shopping. hellbob & I have resolved to start eating healthier and try to lose some weight. Hey, jenett, our fridge looks like we eat food too!

Also, I am almost one week caffeine free! I had one can of Diet Mtn. Dew on Tuesday, but that was because I hit that button on the machine out of habit, even though I put the money in planning to get orange juice. I have not had any caffeine since. Yay! Go me! Kicking the caffeine habit means that I will also be cutting almost all nutrasweet out of my diet! Yay!

And now I really must go to bed. I have to work tomorrow, but then I have Tuesday-Monday off!! Yay for vacations & holidays!! Less than a week til CONvergence! Yay!

Hey, dakegra, what is your favorite Larry Niven book??

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