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He probably sat in math class thinking, "There should be more math. This could be mathier."

Well, while you all are sitting in your happy little offices tomorrow, I'm not cuz I'm on vacation. Yay!
What wonderful & fun things will you be doing on your day off, you ask? Math. ugh. Not wonderful & fun.
Tomorrow I am finally going to go take the math assessment test for MCTC, so I can register for classes online like a normal person. i currently have to get my teachers to sign a waiver to register because I don't have my math pre-req taken care of. Grr. I took College Algebra 16 years ago! Now I have to remember enough of it to pass a test or I will be subjected to it again. I figure that anything I can't remember how to do is most likely not important anyway because I haven't used it for 16 years, right?
So everyone needs to send happy math vibes to me tomorrow, especially nicepersonality, since he thinks math is fun. Yeah, I know, kinda makes you wonder if that boy's not right in the head...

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