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See, this is a school. And we have students and they check out books and then they learn things.

Yay! I passed the math test! Even with flat out guessing on every question that had anything to do with sine, cosign, and tangent. :)
I am now registered for 3 classes for next semester: Photoshop, Quark, and Dreamweaver. It's gonna be a computer kind of semester for me!

Then, after I left school I went over to genevra's to take her & the twins to Costco so she could check out diaper prices there. Diapers were waaaaay cheaper than Target, etc, but they didn't have the newborn size. We also managed to hit Burlington & Target for her to return some stuff and buy some stuff before the babies started fussing. I can't even imagine dealing with that if she didn't have the double stroller that the two car seats just snap into.

I still have the cutest niece and nephew ever!

Only 3 more days until CONvergence!

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