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"I haven't seen a get-up like that since the International Leatherman Convention in Chicago."

hellbob & I are home, safe & mostly sound from our long weekend. My day friday started with getting packed for the weekend and running a couple errands. I had everything in the car and was out the door shortly before noon. When I got to the Sheraton, aka The Hotel Formerly Known as the Radisson South, our room was ready so I was able to check in right away. I fetched my convention badge & started hauling stuff. It sucks to have to haul all the stuff up by yourself, but it's nice to not have to deal with the after work crowd. After settling into the room and playing with the hot glue gun to get the holders for the hanging wire into the Tribble wall hanging, I headed down to the dealer's room to make sure lexiphanic didn't need anything, and to take advantage of the fact that I knew she had wire cutters! We got the wire for hanging on the back of the picture and I headed toward the art show to enter it. When I got there kalmn said that I wasn't allowed to hang any art if I didn't have baby pictures! I assured her that I would do her one better and bring actual babies on Saturday instead. As I was wandering and chatting with folks, Mark called & said that he had arrived at the hotel, so we met up because I had all the room keys. Got him checked in and wandered the con some more. Then it was time for me to go pick up hellbob from work. There was surprisingly no traffic on my way into downtown. Once we got back to the hotel, we went through the art show, and we just happened to be walking by the free stuff table as they were putting out a buttload of movie posters so we grabbed one of each and then went to check out opening ceremonies. They had a great show with video clips of Star Trek done in the style of different directors. It was really funny so we bought the DVD of it. Then it was mostly just hanging out and checking out the parties for the rest of the night. We also went to Cinema Rex to see the short film on John Bolton that Neil Gaiman directed. Mr. Bolton is a strange, strange man. Then they had Trailor Park which is a mix of different movie trailers, some of them older trailers for movies they would be showing at various time over the weekend at Rex. Nothing too great except for the promo piece for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow which I just can't wait for! Shortly after opening ceremony we found bloodlossgirl & sleepingzebras, and their friend, the lovely purple-haired bleaknimue. Friday was a relatively early night with no drinking. Saturday morning I got up just a titch to late to get to Larry Niven's first book signing. Rick had to run home for contact stuff while I went in search of food. Just as I was about to go to Burger King or DQ Grill & Chill I found the Madison crowd again and also discovered that the Prancing Pony was serving soup! So I got Chicken Wild Rice soup for breakfast and then we headed en masse to the Art Show because H & P had not seen it yet. We gave my Tribbles a pet and bemoaned the fact that it had no bids. bloodlossgirl concurred with me that almost all the etching was crap, with the exception of jenwolf's stuff, which was way cool and was also getting bids & quick sales. Go Jenn! We made sure to let the Madison folks know that we had a crock pot of yummy meat brewing in our room so we could have real food. Yay, porketta! Except not yay for bloodlossgirl because the silly girl doesn't eat yummy cute animals. And then genevra called to let me know that she had arrived with the twins, so I had to go meet her to help out. I helped by carrying Beth so that the stroller wouldn't be so heavy for her to push. We went to the art show first and kalmn quickly started cuddling little Beth. She told genevra to go pick out which piece of art she wanted to take in trade for the baby. The one Sandy wanted was the great big NFS Denise Garner one, so no trading in the babies. We also found ladysea and she helped Sandy out by carrying the other baby. Then we headed to Registration to get badges for the babies. onecheshire and moneygod were in there & there was much more oogling of The Cutest Babies in the World(tm). We then headed into the dealers room, and guess what? Yes, more baby oogling. Rick came back right about then, and I abandoned genevraand the babies to go to a digital art panel while hellbob took her up to the room so that she could change & feed the kids. Shortly before the end of the panel she called to let me know she was leaving. So I went out to say bye. While she was getting ready to go sleepingzebras called to find out what time we were planning to eat so we decided that it was dinner time. On my way up to the room I found Kris, and she only had about 20 minutes before her shift as a badger, so I brought her up to the room too. When the Madison crew showed up they had last_gentleman with them, who I hadn't met yet. We ate & then bloodlossgirl, bleaknimue and I decided to throw caution to the wind and get in the pool less than 30 minutes after eating. Hot tubs are good! We like them! wiredferret & silmarian were down there so we got to chat with them. hellbob finally came to join us after about 1/2 hour. It's getting kind of late & I'm tired, so I will have to finish writing about CONvergence tomorrow... But, cuz I know you are all so excited about it, I will leave you with my pictures of the weekend: This is the Trouble With Tribbles wall hanging that I made: Click on the picture to see the rest of them.

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