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"And that's the rest of the story..."

Ok, so CONvergence report, part the second. After I ran up to change out of my swimsuit and shower I went to hang out with Mark, Smith, Kris, April, and Studer. But then when I mentioned that I needed to get some mix, Mark decided to get some booze to so we had to take off to make the dumbass Minnesota 10:00 cuttoff for getting alcohol. Picked up some gin for hellbob too. Heading back to the hotel we got to see the Bloomington fireworks, which were held despite the rain. When we got back, hellbob was sitting in the lobby waiting for kaldeth to show up. I went on up and mixed myself my first drink. I was drinking Yukon Jack mixed with orange juice. This is one of my favorite mixed drinks ever, but it's hard to get in a bar because so few bars actually have Yukon. Once I had attained a mixed drink I headed down to the bar to meet C. & crew for bar night. I had already missed jenett, but L., H., & C. were still there. None of the boys though. Then it was on to the usual Saturday night party cruising, with hellbob & kaldeth. We got bar code tattoos at Dystopia, and Kill Bill Eye Patches at the cow room. I attempted a round of DDR & I totally suck, but I still wanna get it for the playstation to work out. I chatted with wiredferret for a while, but I was starting to get pretty drunk at that point. We saw Nicky's cool costume with wings that unfolded. hellbob tried to stop me from drinking when he was ready to go to bed, but I was having none of that! I briefly saw Chebutykin in the bar, smoking a cigar. At some point I ended up talking to a guy I vaguely knew from Fargo for quite a while. Of course, anyone who knows me really well knows that I tend to get a *bit* chatty when plastered. It was about 4 am when I wandered stumbled back to the room. Guess what! I was a little hung over on Sunday morning. Hooray for 4pm checkout! It was probably about noon before we were all showered/packed/mobile. While being lazy after waking up we ended up with the tv on ESPN. This is weird because me & hellbob just don't watch ESPN. In fact, I'm pretty sure that we even removed it from the channel setting on the DirecTV so we don't even have to waste time scrolling past it. But somehow we started watching ESPN, and I'm kind of ashamed to admit that we watched the entire Nathan's Famous hot dog eating competition. It was like a train wreck. It's awful, but you can't look away. And the amazing thing is that the commentators never ran out of anything to say the entire 12 minutes that the contestants were eating. Then we started watching the poker tournament, but it was a rerun of last years so at least I already knew who would win & we could get the willpower up to change the channel. We managed to get everything out of the room in one trip! So we threw all the crap in the car and drove to DQ. Yes, it is just on the other side of the parking lot, but it was hot out, and most importantly, I was hungover! When I am hungover, I drink milk, and I also love fast food burgers. Then I topped it off with a blizzard to add another layer of smooth milky goodness. I was feeling much better after this and we went back to the hotel to catch Larry Niven's book signing, and to pick up the Tribble wall hanging that no one bought. We had a flash of inspiration at this point and had David Gerrold pose for a picture with the Tribbles. We saw mesmericone, who I had seen several times over the weekend. She had a good con! As I was taking the required Moose picture (on Roadkill's kickass entryway) she mentioned that she is going to Portland at the end of the month, so I entrusted Moose to her safe keeping, so he can travel somewhere new! Then we filled out our pre-reg for next year and left the hotel. I kinda wish we had stayed for closing ceremonies. I feel like the weekend was cut short, but that could just be because time always flies so fast at con. We just stopped briefly at home to get rid of the dirty clothes and pack a smaller bag for overnight at Rick's dad's cabin and we headed on up there. His dad's birthday is July 4th, so we usually try to get up there at least for an afternoon, if not overnight, depending on the CONvergence schedule. We got there just before Floyd & Debbie (Rick's stepsister & her husband) left, and then later in the evening dad's friend from Chisholm, Vickie, showed up with her new man. Since there were six of us, I of course dragged out the Apples to Apples game, and they all loved it! Then the next day it was breakfast, a ride on the pontoon boat, and back home.

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