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Random thoughts since I haven't updated much lately...

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! My wonderful hellbob got me the Sandman snowglobe that DC produced a few years ago, and when I got to work on Monday morning I found a plant and some monkey socks from lucky13charm. For my birthday dinner I thought about having HB grill steaks, but it was 80 degrees and about 500% humidity so that would have just been cruel! So I requested french toast instead. And it was made with cinnamon bread so it was extra yummy!!

Diplomatic relations between Upstairs Cats and Downstairs Cat are gradually improving. Downstairs Cat, aka Buddy, has a favorite spot up here in our living room. There are some growlings still, but other times they manage to pass within inches of each other with nary a mew. When one does chase another it seems pretty evenly split as to who instigates it, although it does amuse me to see my dainty little 7 pound clawless wonder go after a cat more than twice her size.

Spider-Man 2 was excellent, as was the company. HB & I met notmonochrome & nicepersonality at Southdale to remedy the lamentable fact that we were the only four people on the planet who hadn't seen it.

The B. Dalton store at Southdale didn't have any copies of Wil Wheaton's Just a Geek. Bastards. Guess I will give my money to Borders.

jmanna was browsing Craig's List today and came up with this gem of a dating ad: I don't kick puppies!

Looks like hellbob & I won't get to shoot stuff after all. The conceal & carry law was declared unconstitutional today. We were gonna get permits, just cuz they were so easy to get, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. Fooey. And no, we're not gun nuts. We don't even own a gun and don't plan to. We just figured that if permits were that easy to get we should get them just in case we ever did need one. Too late now.

I will be in Burnsville this weekend with the usual geek crew to celebrate akdar's getting older, and I am so tempted to sneak away for 1/2 hour or so to bop over to the Minnesota Zoo to see the wolf babies. I'll just be a few minutes away and since I've got the membership I wouldn't have to pay anything so I wouldn't feel guilty about only going to see one exhibit. And they are soooo cute!

The sorting of the books is basically done, other than putting the graphic novels in some sort of order. once that is done I will be emptying the closet, possible assembling some shelves in there, and finding homes for all my craft stuff. I'm thinking I may just remove the closet doors (it is 2 sliding doors) and then when I am done just hanging curtains instead so it is more accessible.

Do any of you geeks out there have a storage system for your comic books other than short boxes/long boxes? Right now we have a bunch of boxes stacked in the closet so we really can't get at anything if we want to read it, not to mention getting the new ones filed in something resembling alphabetical order.

My purse tastes like White Cheddar. I had 2 things of popcorn toppings in there and the Sour Cream & Onion stayed nice and safely shut, but the White Cheddar decided to flee. The odd thing about this isn't that I had popcorn stuff in my purse, it is that Rick & I didn't get any popcorn at the last 3 movies we went to!

Oh well, I guess that's about it. Off to bed now. Goodnight kids.

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