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Martha Stewarts "sentence"

Well, money & fame really can buy freedom. Martha Stewart got her sentence last week, and it was pathetic. 5 months in prison, 5 months home confinement and 2 years probation, plus a $30,000 fine. The fine was the maximum allowable, but the sentence was the minimum. Do we really believe that Average Joe would also get only 5 months for the same thing?

An NPR commentator talking about Martha Stewart on house arrest had this to say: "If you really want to punish Martha Stewart, confine her to my home. I live in a walkup with a strange faux leather paneling in the entryway and I don't have a washing machine. The hot & cold faucets in my bathroom were installed backwards and I invariably end up washing my teeth with water hot enough to make instant coffee. My upstairs neighbor sings along with Celine Dion."

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