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It's a photo post!

My weekend was filled with much cuteness, so I will share some of it with you!
Our neighbor stopped by on Thursday to ask if we were serious when we told her we would dog sit & we said yes so we went and picked up their baby pug on Friday. Her name is Millie and she is 10 weeks old:

She's even smaller than Lump!
Saturday was the annual Pool Party to celebrate akdar's birth. We took the puppy with us.

shrique & Jen's little girl, Natalie, just loved the puppy. She chased her around and here she is trying to read a book to her.

Natalie was also very excited about her first "poow party"

Here is oed_1's wife holding their little son, Carl

And here he is clinging for dear life. Hey, oed_1, that is "not to be used as a flotation device!"

And of course, genevra had the twins there. Here she is holding Beth.

Two of the babies grandmas were there, so it was tough to get a chance to hold the babies. lexiphanic couldn't make it because she was working, but mhuot was there. Also oed_1 & family, and shrique & family, Erik, and me & hellbob. The boys never did disappear to the gazebo to play Risk, because they said it just wouldn't be the same without John. It was more low key than past years, because we're all old now and there were kids, but it was still a good time.

And now, a gratuitous picture of Buddy, the Downstairs cat, just cuz he's cute!

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