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I'm on Amazon, sort of... This book, Perennial, an Image of Moorhead, is the end result of my photography class back in 1991-92. The Amazon listing has the author as Wayne Gudmundson, but the book is actually a collection of photos by the students in the class. There were about 12 of us or so. So, if you were to order that book from Amazon & flip through it, you would find some photos by one Sharon M. Stelzig. That's me!
It is a me who hasn't been diagnosed with depression or ADD.
It's a me who hasn't met some guy named Rick.
It's a me who likes to go party at the ATO house.
It's a me who still thinks she will graduate from college.
It's a me who recently went through National Guard Basic Training.
It's a me who just recently discovered the music of the Gear Daddies.
It's a me who is working in a comic shop.
It's a me who is a totally different person than the me I am now. I would love to get involved in a project like that again. It would be interesting to see how the way my life has changed would change the way I take pictures.

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