HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving! I know I ate too much turkey!
After dinner we had the traditional Trivial Pursuit game with the aunts versus everyone else. They had bought the new 20th anniversary edition with questions just from the last 20 years. We kicked their butts, and were they ever pissed! They've gotten so used to winning just cuz we weren't alive when the stuff happened in the original questions!
My sister has joined the LJ obsession...her name is genevra.
Saw Solaris over the weekend. Hellbob really liked it, I just thought it was ok.
Went to Memorial Blood Center on Friday. They successfully drained me of 2 pints of platelets. Yea! I don't look like a heroin addict this time...No bruising or anything. How many pints are there to a gallon? I'm at 19 pints which I know is more than 2 gallons...
Don't have to work tomorrow. Took the day off back when I was entertaining the notion of going out to LosCon. Then I came to my senses and realized that one needs money for such things. But I've got to use the vacation time so I decided to keep the day off. I am at Walden tomorrow though. I've got to plan these things better!
Our house is sooooo pretty! The tree went up yesterday, and then today Hellbob and I went out and put up the outside lights. Two years ago we had white icicle lights. Last year we had blue icicle lights. This year I made Hellbob put up both!
Now I've got to go work on my art project that I've procrastinated on. I really like the class, but I am so looking forward to having my Tuesdays and Thursdays free again. I won't be taking anything next semester because there is nothing offered as a night class that I need!

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