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It was a great weekend!

hellbob & I headed up to the lake on Friday night, and just got back a few hours ago. We're tired but we had a good time. I have a ton of pictures, but I am way too lazy to post them now. I'm also just really too tired to even babble much about the weekend.
There was much chatting, much picking on the 17 year old (that's what they are for, right?), much playing of Apples to Apples and Killer Bunnies, much pontoon boating, and over all just much good time.
I also finished my book...I was reading Stiff, that book about cadavers that has been getting so many great reviews. It really was fun and fascinating reading despite the subject matter.
We saw some really cool heat lightning over on the other side of the lake. I took pictures (like you had any doubt that I did!) and they will be posted at some point.
J. came up on Saturday and brought the lovely Zoe dog with her. I have pictures of that also.
Beautiful weather, good friends, and I got lucky. What more could you ask for? :)

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