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hellbob & I are home again from another weekend at the cabin. This time it was my mom & dad's cabin in Wisconsin. I'm kinda tired after catching up on everyone's posts, so I'll just wait until tomorrow to post more.
The weekend in brief:
The Lodge at Crooked Lake is still uber-cool. HB & I stayed in the Rainbow Trout room on Friday. When we checked in there were a dozen red roses waiting there for me!
Saturday's weather sucked! It rained all day! The cabin gets pretty crowded when it's raining. At one point on Saturday there were 11 adults & 2 babies there.
Sister-in-law is very good at annoying me. Her & brother didn't stay on Sat night because they didn't want to stay in a room next to two screaming babies on such a small bed (it was a double size). This is the same SIL who saw the babies for the first time on Saturday, even though they are 2 months old. She's pregnant & I'm sure we'll ALL hear about it if we aren't immediately there to fawn over her baby. But anyway, this is going to be a short post, and if I start going into issues w/her it could get really long!
So we played lots of games on Sat. Mark & Paul learned Killer Bunnies. We played some Apples to Apples. We played Outburst. We all got in lots of baby cuddle time. I might have bonked one of the babies heads a little...
genevra & akdar opted to head home instead of staying because the kidlets were getting so fussy. We wanted them to stay, but they left anyway. But, the babies must have gotten good & tired out because they slept the whole way home & through the night!
Today was much nicer. Not much sun, but NO RAIN! We took the pontoon out for a spin. Rescued an out of gas boat. Found a frog on shore. Fed bread pieces to the fish. Went to the casino & won $30! Played Trivial Pursuit. Then it was time to hit the road! And now we are home! And I am tired.
Good night everyone!

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