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The Ultimate Politics Survey

Describe your stance on:

Abortion: I don't think I could ever have one, but I fully believe that everyone should have the choice
Affirmative Action: Sounds like a good idea, but rarely works as well in practice
Age of Consent: Consent for what?
Animal Testing: It is neccessary for medical advances. For testing makeup, not so much.
Death Penalty: If it was infallible, yes. But mistakes are made, especially when the defendent is black and/or poor. If DNA proves someone guilty of multiple rapes and/or murders, fry the fucker & stop wasting money on appeals. No DNA proof, no fry.
Downloading Music/Movies: If I can't find the music I want to buy I have no qualms about downloading it. I'm more likely to buy an album if I can hear at least a song or two first.
Drug Decriminalization: Nope. I'd even love to see caffeine more restricted because it is so addictive! I'm fine with the current drinking age, but I would love to see drunk driving laws get a hell of a lot tougher.
Factory Farming: Don't know anything about this
Free Trade: See above
Funding of Arts: Yes! Art is important! Especially photography. Anyone want to fund my photography??
Gay Marriage: Yes, yes, yes! Two people in love should be able to marry. If the Rebublicans want to protect the sanctity of marriage, outlaw divorce first. This should not even be a government issue. Are the Republicans afraid that if they let any gays get married they will then be forced into gay marriages too???
Gun Control: Gov't needs to stop letting the NRA buy it's way! I'm not opposed to guns, but am opposed to the NRA. Better screening is needed for all gun owners, and possibly even IQ tests. It kind of scares me that ol' Billy Bob with an IQ of 78 can get a gun...
Immigration: If they legally immigrate, fine. If they are an illegal immigrant I don't want any of my tax money going to them!
Hardcore Pornography: Consenting adults. If they want it they should be able to get it. Why should what's done in the privacy of ones own home be decided by someone else?
Human Cloning: I'm torn. There could be so much good done for medicine, but would you really want people like GW Bush getting cloned? Also, the growing spare body parts thing would not be an issue if more people would become organ donors!
Miltary Draft: No. If we were in a real & just war, there would be enough volunteers.
Minimum Wage: Needs to be higher. A person can't support themselves on what it is now.
Prostitution: Make it legal. Keep the girls/guys healthy & safe.
School Vouchers: Republicans way of getting their kids out of the public schools instead of working to improve the schools.
Taxes: Neccessary evil. Could definitely be better spent.
United Nations: Could Bush piss them off any more? They may have flaws, but it is an important organization.
Universal Health Care: i would love to see this happen, but the drug companies own too many politicians.
War on Terrorism: Terrorism is bad. But Bush is not fighting terrorism. He is making money for daddy & his oil buddys.
Welfare: The system is abused a lot, but it is neccessary. I've been on food stamps & it sucks, but not as much as not being on food stamps would have sucked.

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