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Roller Coasters!

Yesterday was my company's employee picnic at Valleyfair. We had been planning on getting there right at opening, but hellbob had a Weed Killer Incident just before we left. He was spraying down the weeds in the driveway cracks when the hose come off the sprayer and he got the weed killer all over himself. This required him to take another show & got us out the door a little before 10:00. We picked up lucky13charm and headed on down to the park. We got there at about 10:30 and got our tickets from our company's HR people. We had an extra ticket because lucky13charm had gotten her 1 plus guest. Walking toward the entrance, just as I was telling hellbob & lucky13charm that if we saw a blue-haired guy, it would probably be silmarian since he was gonna be there on Friday also I looked up and there he was. silmarian, dddragonlady, littlestllama, and a couple other kids were just about to head in also. Luckily they hadn't bought their tickets yet, so we were able to save them the cost of one adult admission with our extra ticket.
Once inside our first stop was the Wild Thing. Front car, of course. Then we headed to Steel Venom. This one was new since our last visit. They had a really cool feature that hellbob loved. At the entrance to the ride they had a sample chair to check to see if you fit. Unfortunately, just like Power Tower, he was too tall. The shoulder harness hit his shoulders before it got far enough down to latch. But me & lucky13charm went on it & it was sooo cool! We also went on the Power Tower.
I love roller coasters! I so need to take a road trip to Cedar Point. They have SIXTEEN roller coaster! More than any other amusement park in the world.

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