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Quick thoughts...

1. Cool license plates
Saw one tonight. A little blue Mini had the plate "APOLIS"

2. It's 12:45, I should be sleeping, and I'm still mostly baffled by Dreamweaver/html

3. The mice in the school's graphics lab/classroom suck donkey balls. I'm bringing my own mouse to class from now on!

4. There was a cute l'il green froggy sitting on top of the card swipe box at the entrance for work yesterday. Yes, lucky13charm, I did take a picture so when I upload it you'll be able to see it.

5. I haven't decided yet what country I am going to move to if Bush wins the election.

6. I got to see mesmericone & meet her CUTE dog, Checkers, yesterday. Since the breed "mutt" isn't very descriptive, I have decided that he is a Chocolate Beagle Hound. Sounds like a real breed, doesn't it?

7. Moose is home!

8. hellbob is going to a bachelor party in October and this sucks. Not because of the boobies he's going to be seeing later that day, but because they are starting the day with a trip to the firing range, and I'm not allowed to go. *pout* I want to fire big guns! It's fun and I'm good at it.

9. I want to go to the State Fair, and with time running out I'm pretty much just left with Saturday, Sunday and Monday as my options. Who wants to go, and which day? I think I need deep-fried pickles! And thanks to mle292, I now know that somewhere in the fair there is brain on a stick. I must acquire this. I want to do a full day, hit as much as I can attack strike. I also want to take my camera with and take many many photos.

10. There is no number 10. I am going to bed now. Good night

I said good night! What are you still doing here??

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