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I am at work right now. Yup. 5:00 on the Friday before a holiday weekend and I am here 1/2 hour past my normal time to leave. And I'll be here 'til 5:30.
I am the only one in my department here. And as you can tell by the fact that I am typing this, I am putting 100% into my work.
Mandatory Overtime sucks! I'll be coming in tomorrow from 8 am to 11:30 to finish up the rest of my OT. Then it is off to the Great Minnesota Get-Together with lucky13charm! (She's coming in tomorrow for OT too. We're going to eat lots of foods on a stick, and we will go to the U of M building to get a brain on a stick & we will ogle beautiful Fine Art and mock ugly Fine Art and we will go through the crafts buildings and we will go into the animal barns and we may even see a Princess carved in butter! And did I mention food? :)
If any of y'all will be out there tomorrow, let me know. Or call my cell phone tomorrow afternoon six-one-two- eight-five-nine- six-five-two-four.
OK, I'm going to do some actual work now.
Hopefully I'll see a bunch of y'all at Gameworks tonight!

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