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Random stuff I have learned this week...

1. Human beings should not have to get up early on Saturdays to work.

2. If you have to work on a Saturday morning, at least you won't have to deal with traffic.

3. If I leave the house 20 minutes before I have to work and I stop for coffee I will still get there on time if there is no traffic.

4. Don't talk to creepy men on the Light Rail

5. If I minimize the LJ Update Journal page & get rid of the browser buttons, my manager won't notice that I have a web page open when she walks by.

6. It still makes me smile everytime I see a hawk sitting on a light pole.

7. I suck at bowling and it doesn't matter if I use my right hand or my left. I bowled a 72 w/my right. I bowled a 69 w/my left.

8. Being at work on a Saturday sucks!

9. MPR doesn't have a live radio stream on weekends.

10. You can get an amazingly good parking spot if you go to work on the Saturday of a Holiday weekend.

11. This does not make being there any better.

12. Cute l'il green tree frogs like to cling to the metal door frame right outside the work entrance.

13. Tree frogs feel really cool when they are stuck to your skin.

14. Tree frogs don't like to sit on Moose.

15. I'm still in love with my Rest In Peace icon.

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