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State Fair

Saturday afternoon lucky13charm and I headed over to that strange land known as St. Paul to go to Minnesota State Fair, aka the Great Minnesota Get Together.

It was hot out, but we managed to balance the fine line of staying hydrated enough, but not drinking so much that we has to brave scary public bathrooms.
Upon entering the gate we immediately headed for the food building in search of our beloved Deep fried pickles. We were momentarily distracted by the U of M Raptor Center and their birds:

We also ran into the U of M area quick to look for Brains on a Stick. Apparently they don't give out the same things every day because no one in there knew anything about pencils with brain erasers. *sigh* No brains for me.
But we did see puppies in there. Sled dog pulling, polar exploring type puppies:

This one's name is Beacon, and you can learn more about him at the Polarhusky.com website.
Once our pickle craving was sated, we wandered through the crafts building, and then the Fine Arts building. There was a photo in the fine arts by a girl I used to work with at Proex.
There was also lots of yummy looking food:

We then wandered on back to the Pet Center and saw many beautiful Golden Retriever & Lab service dogs:

I haven't been able to convince Rick yet that I need a service dog to help me with my ADD. I'm not entirely sure how it would help me, but it would be cool!
We also got to see a few different breeds that they had on display. Golden Retrievers, Doberman Pincers, Samoyeds, and a bunch of others. Including one of my favorites, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I love Corgis!
We then headed back over to the main part of the fair to get us some Cheese on a Stick! Thunk! That was the sound of my arteries hardening.
We passed the carousel on the way and I had to get pictures of the cool carousel critters:

We missed getting to see a calf being born by about 15 minutes. It was still lying down where we got there and it's mommy was giving it a bath:

We also got some Sweet Martha's cookies, but this year we were smart enough to carry them over to the all you can drink milk booth before starting to eat them. Then we wandered the animal barns before heading back to the bus.
And if you got through all that and said to yourself, "I wish there had been more pictures" you can check the rest of them out at Dreamflyte.com

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