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Quick fly-by posting before I crash for the night...

My financial aid check will finally be sent out this week! Woo Hoo! Money!

The Central Standard Film Festival has this year's film schedule up on their website. Mark your calendars, everyone. It is October 14-17.

I am now slightly less baffled by Dreamweaver than I was two weeks ago, but it's still not as intuitive for me as Photoshop.

Turns out the very nice gay man in my class is not gay. At least I now assume he's not, since he mentioned his wife...

It's a very sad thing when I utter the sentence "Yay. I get to sleep in 'til 7 tomorrow." That is just so not right!

I'd had some fun links & stuff that I was going to share, but I am mega-tired so I'm just going to bed instead. 'night kids!

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