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It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring!

Dear stupid Minnesotan drivers,
Did you know that it is raining out there?
Did you know that it is dark out there?
You did? Really? Then why the f!#k were you driving without headlights on? Here's a tip...if it's still so dark that all the streetlights are on, you should probably have your lights on too. And all that wet stuff falling from the sky? It's rain, and besides the fact that it's just a darn good idea to have your lights on in a heavy rain, it's also the frickin' law!
So turn your damn lights on, k?

p.s. If I was controlling the universe, anyone driving on a morning like this without lights would crash into or be crashed into by another idiot with no lights!! Why should those with common sense be penalized for the idiots?

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