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"Valium, prozac, and ritalin. Breakfast of champions."

Waaaaaahhhh! I need drugs! I was running low on Ritalin so I called my shrink to get a new prescription. I picked it up on Monday and figured everything was ok. Then I tried to fill it last night... It is dated with an effective date of October 1st!
Grr! He knows I have ADD, so it's likely I won't remember to call until I'm either almost out or I am out of Ritalin. My chart shows that the last prescription he wrote for me was a 3 month one, at the end of May, which means that the mail-order pharmacy would have filled it around the 1st week of June or so. That was 3 months ago. Why does he think that I don't need more 'til October?
So here I am, working 40+ hours/wk, in school with over 10 hours of class per week plus homework, and I have one Ritalin tablet. Yup. One tablet for the next 2 weeks! I'm not very good at math, so can someone please explain to me how this works?
I'll have to call the office & hopefully talk directly to the doc. I need my drugs!

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