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School is done! Yeah! I really liked my class, but I'm looking forward to having my Tues & Thurs nights back! Just in time for Thursday's full moon, too!
The Valleycon report, minus pictures, is up on the Cthulhu Coffee site. I get to see Two Towers tomorrow! Wheeeeee!
I've got a fairly hefty chunk of my Christmas shopping done, with at least some ideas for those who I have not shopped for yet. Go me!
Friday, we get Christmas bonuses! Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh! This is the only place I have ever worked that actually gives X-mas bonuses. I'm curious to see how much. Not that I'll need it after I get my 1/8th of the $160 million lottery jackpot when our office group wins :)
Next big goal, now that school is done: mail x-mas cards. Letter is done, just need to print it, hunt down the address list (it's somewhere in this computer... I think) and tweak addresses of all who have moved, add any missing folk, etc, and address those envelopes! I've set a deadline of Jan 1 for that project. Hellbob & I have never gotten our cards mailed before Christmas, why start now?
Potluck at work tomorrow. I made Tequilaberry Salad. Yummy! And I got extra stuff so I'll be ready to go with another batch on Saturday for Christmas Eve at Grandma & Grandpas (tm) Yes, I know, that is not Christmas Eve. It's not at Grandma & Grandpas either, so there. pllthththth. It is at the beautiful Phipps Inn, in Hudson WI. If you need a romantic getaway you should go there cuz it is way cool. (And my aunt & uncle own it!)

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