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All the news that's fit to print

Well, it is officially just me, hellbob, and the HellCats in the house again. ksracxe moved into her new apartment this weekend. HB & I are undecided about whether to try to lure a new basement dweller, or just take over the space ourselves...

Went to Ren Fest on Sunday. We were only there from 9 til 12:30, but that was plenty long enough. I just couldn't get into it this year. Dust. ugh. Apparently Neil Gaiman was wandering out there with his family on Sunday also, but we never spotted him.

After Ren Fest hellbob, genevra, the twins, and me went up to Aunt Margie's for a potluck dinner. Grandpa & his wife were in town & mom gave the "This may be the last time they are able to make it to Minnesota" guilt trip, so we really didn't have a choice. Lots of babies & toddlers.

Totally forgot that Sunday was also COTP's Mabon celebration. Fooey. And now this month's moon has been cancelled also. I haven't seen those folks in forever and ever and ever.

STILL don't have a new Ritalin prescription! I've called the shrink's office at least six times since Thursday. I don't want to take it out on the poor phone answering girls just 'cuz Dr. Johnson isn't dealing with it, but I'm getting frustrated! Today when I was telling her to leave him a note about it I said "I am working 40 hours a week, and I am taking 3 college classes. This is hard enough to deal with, but since I can't fill the prescription he wrote I'm also going through withdrawal right now. Tell him that this needs to be taken care of right away." And then I left my work number saying I would be there until 4:30 and my cell number saying that that can be called anytime after 4:30. Never heard anything... The worst part is that even if I look for a new ADD doctor, it takes forever to get an initial intake visit! Anybody know some high school drug dealers with Ritalin to sell?

It's a good thing I finished the homework due this week in Photoshop last week because I thought it was due then. i haven't started on Thursday's Dreamweaver assignment yet!

I'm going to have to look into relatively cheap mp3 players that can also be used for data storage because I have so much stuff for school that I have to keep transferring between the laptop and the school machines, and I'm going to be letting my .mac account lapse because I really don't need it for what it costs. Oh, and on that note, if any of y'all are using hellziggy at mac dot com for my email, switch to at gmail dot com instead. I would really really really love an ipod, but $269 is a bit out of our budget right now...

Went to Sky Captain on Saturday. It was so cool looking! Mark had met us there, and we followed up the movie with dinner at El Loro. Yum!

I have shelves in the closet in the back room! And they have comic boxes on them! Now I just need a cabinet with doors for the one bookshelf sized space and I should have places for all the fabric & craft related stuff that is piled in the dining room! Hooray! It will be nice to have a dining room back!

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