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So what'd you do this weekend?

I went to the Tim McGraw concert! I've got a couple pictures (ok, by a couple I mean 266) and some are blurry cuz it was just too dark, and we weren't all that close, but I'll get a few of them put up in the gallery at some point! But here's one of them for now:

It's gonna be a long day tomorrow. I just got home a little bit ago & worked on my homework a little. Now I am going to bed & I'm going to have to get up at 6am because I have to work 7-4:30 tomorrow & then off to school from 5:30 to 9ish.
When the batteries don't work in your car opener/locker/unlocker dohickee, do you just go to the car dealer to get it working or what? As we were wandering all the different levels of the ramp looking for the car (you'd think that with 3 grownups one of us would have paid attention to what level we were parked on!) I hit the alarm button hoping to be able to follow the honking to the car. Even when we finally spotted it and were standing right by it, none of the buttons were working. Luckily, if you use the key to open it when the alarm is armed, it won't go off if you start the car right away!

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