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This whole school thing makes it hard for me to keep y'all updated on my life. It makes you all sad, I know.
So here is a quick rundown of the weekend:

Friday: Got out of work early, picked up some plastic shelf things at Target for the library, hauled a bunch of the crap from the dining room into the back room to be but onto the shelves eventually, picked up hellbob at work, got me a yummy dinner from Pepito's, and got dropped off at Jeanine's house so I could Zoe-sit for the night.

Saturday: Zoe woke me up at 7:15, walked her, watched tv & did a little bit of homework, got picked up by genevra and the twins, went to the zoo (Cute baby tigers!!), went back to genevra's and watched movies, had grilled cheese for dinner and came home.

Sunday: straightened up the house, KalFamily came over, played Star Wars monopoly with kalfoley & boy child & girl child, made Soup of the Gods, and did a bit more homework.

Now I am too tired to write more and I am going to bed.
hellbob doesn't have to go to be because he will be calling in sick tomorrow because he broke his butt!

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