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ack! sore throat. Broke down and stopped at Quick Med after work, cuz I didn't feel like dealing with urgent care. I wouldn't even have worried about getting a throat culture except that the sore throat started just a couple days after seeing my strep infected godson. Good news- it's not strep... Bad new- sucks to be you, there is nothing we can do. Ah well. I picked up a thing of Nyquil so at least I can try to heal in my sleep.
Two Towers was good! As with everyone else, I liked FOTR better, but it's to be expected with the second in a trilogy. I am also one of the few geeks out there who has never read the books (I did read the Hobbit tho') so I don't even know what was changed.
Ents rule! They were so cool. The guys had been talking about Ents, but I didn't know what they were. Rick never explained, cuz he figured I knew. I was gonna read the books before the movies, but I decided that I really like the magic of not knowing where the story is going next.
We were first in line for our showing and the group was gonna total 18 people. The front row of the stadium section at Megastar has 18 seats. Happy, happy! We all got the wonderful iron railing foot rest!
Now it is time to curl up in front of the tv & work on my quilt!

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