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Web site ideas

Last night in my Dreamweaver class the teacher warned us that we are going to be starting on our final project soon, and we'll have about a month and a half to do it.
Sooooo, I need ideas of what kind of site to do. It has to be an entire site, like 50 pages, not just a homepage with a couple links. And we have to be able to state who our target audience is. (And an acceptable answer to that is not "anybody")
I haven't given it much thought yet, but I will gladly consider any and all suggestions. (No, Rick, it can't be porn. It is going to be on a state-owned server...)

edit: I would love to come up with an idea for something like the "Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide" site that looks totally official & serious until you find out what it is!

edit again: Ooh. Maybe a site on Twin Cities wildlife and parks. I could use some of my photography, graphics would be easy to find & it's something I know about.
Also, it could look great in a portfolio!

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