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"The streets are safe, old people strut confidently trough the darkest alleys and the weak and nerdy are admired for their computer programming abilities."

Some day I will learn to back up my work more frequently...

I was working on my homework for my Quark class when the program unexpectedly shut down. Of course I hadn't saved recently...

So, since I've had a couple other programs shut down on me recently i decided to do the basic maintanance stuff: repair permissions, empty cache, etc. I'm not sure how, but apparently when I was deleting my cache I somehow also deleted most of my prefferences files. When I rebooted, my dock was reset to default, there were no addresses in my address book, no emails in the mail program, my calendars were all gone... Luckily I realized that there was stuff in the trash that shouldn't be there and I was able to restore most everything. She seems to be all better now.

Then, me & hellbob went to a house warming party for friends of friends & I made the mistake of driniking one of the rum drinks. They are always frightfullly strong, and one glass has me feeeling fairly fuzzy.

Earlier today I went to half-price books with genevra and I picked up a copy of American McGee's Alice for the Mac for only $8. Of course I dont have time to play what with all the homework and such...

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