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I didn't really have much homework to do tonight when I got home, so I figured I'd just play a little bit of Alice. Yeah, right!
Note to self: Never install a game in the middle of the semester.

I finished the webpage for my Dreamweaver class & I was really happy with the way the background looked both in dreamweaver & when I previewed it in browsers. So I uploaded it, and the background gif isn't showing up at all! Grrrr!
The site is at http://www.dreamflyte.com/SharonClass/index.htm and just hit the hippo rollover button, or go directly to it at http://www.dreamflyte.com/SharonClass/Text/index.htm
If it has a nice blue graphic in the background let me know! If it doesn't, I don't want to hear about it! :)

Once again I am off to bed way to late at night!

Edit: So when I compare my code side by side with a sample on a tutorial page they are the same! arrrrrggggghhhh!

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