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Cute l'il balls of fur!

chebutykin's garage kittens are sooooo cute! And soft! And fluffy!
They were settled enough for them each to be held & checked out. They don't appear to have any fleas, & their ears look mite-free!
Also, it was determined that there are two girls and three boys. Cheb is dangerously close to falling in love with the little orange boy. It's just that whole decision thing: kitten or letting cajones breathe...
We both took pictures & I'll try to post mine tomorrow...
We just don't see enough of chebutykin now that she's not living in our basement... I'm thinking that an El Loro dinner is needed in the near future.

Still haven't figured out how to get a *&%$$ing background gif to show up in my web pages. Cheb went through the code with me & we found a few things we thought it might be, but we were wrong! Grr. Maybe I can catch Bill tomorrow night on campus and he can enlighten me... It's just so frustrating because it even looks right when I Preview in Browser. It's not until it's actually up on the site that I can see that the image isn't there. Also, since the background is blue, I am using white text which doesn't work well when there is no background image!

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