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Warning! Cuteness alert!

These 5 adorable little kittens were found living in chebutykin's garage. Now they are looking for new homes. You cannot resist the cuteness! If you want a kitten, contact chebutykin through her journal. You know you want one...

The cream one is a girl, the black is a boy. These two are the most skittish.

It's a kitten pile!

This little guy is the most adventurous & if someone doesn't give him a home soon, Cheb won't be able to give him up!

The tiger stripey/spotty one is also a boy. I want to keep him and name him Spot, put hellbob says no.

Look at the cute widdle fuzzy girl! She's a muted calico, but mostly grey.

We want to come live with you!

You cannot resist our cuteness! We are adorable! We love you!

edit: The muted calico girl & the black boy have homes now! Hooray for bleaknimue!
Only 3 more bundles of cuteness. You know you want one!

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