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The Central Standard Film Festival kicked off tonight with the world premier of the movie Wellstone!. I couldn't make it to that one, since I had class, but I've got my all access pass & a schedule with 12 movies highlighted that I am going to try to make it to between 7:30 tomorrow night & 8:30 Sunday night! That's a lot of sitting in a not-so-comfortable theater... Think they would mind if I brought my pillow & blankie?

My tentative schedule is:
Friday: Miles Ahead, Dear Pillow
Saturday: Shorts One, Wellstone!, American Beer, Shorts Three, Busting Out, Sinkhole
Sunday: Virgin, Buffalo Bill's Defunct, Nightingale in the Music Box, Last Goodbye

Sat & Sun the films start at 10:00 am. And I've got to go to the Farmers Market first one of those mornings so that I can take pictures for one of my classes.

If any of y'all are going to the festival this weekend let me know & we can get together. My schedule is mostly open for change, if you can convince me that you are going to a better choice than mine.

The festival staff did a really great job this year with the scheduling, so that most movies are showing 2 different times so there were fewer hard choices. Last year there were some movies only showing once playing opposite another one only playing once...

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