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7 movies down, 5 to go...

Although, technically, I've seen 23 movies today, since Shorts 1 & Shorts 3 are actually each a collection of 9 short films.

I haven't seen a bad movie yet!

Didn't make it to Miles Ahead on Friday cuz i was at cajones & chebutykin's house for cajones's birthday.
Dear Pillow was a strange quirky movie. The dialogue was all about porn & it was very explicit, but they didn't show anything. If you saw the movie with the sound off you would have no almost no clue that there was anything in it about sex. The writer/director Bryan Poyser was there to introduce the film & to do a Q&A afterwards. Poor guy is from Austin, TX & wasn't really prepared for this weekend's chilly Minnesota weather. I told him after the movie how much I liked it.

... I was gonna do a quick review of everything I've seen so far, but it is 2:30 am and I should go to bed since I have to hit the Farmer's Market tomorrow before my first movie at 10:00.

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