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I'm a tired Sharon...

3 days, 12 movies.
But it was a good time. I got to chat with some of the filmakers, and I met the folks in charge of the festival. Paul (one of the filmmakers, he did Sinkhole) told them that I had spent the entire weekend there and that it was my 3rd year & so I should get one of the free stuff goody bags that they had for the filmmakers & Jane went & grabbed me one!
Again, like last night, I am just too tired to give an adequate review! Maybe tomorrow...
I will say that I did not see a single bad movie this year!
That many movies in such a short time can really fuck with your sub-conscious mind! I had some weird ass dreams last night that I couldn't really remember. Of course, any porn that shows up in my dreams, I will hold Bryan responsible, since that was the theme of his movie. :)

Now I will away tp bed. nitey-nite.
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