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The weekend, non movie stuff.

Friday started w/cajones's birthday party at the asylum. We got to meet squishy, moneygod's new little boy. At one point he was the only person in the house without a LiveJournal! I found out who wombat_socho is, and I discovered that pied_piper70 is one of the many Scotts. There was much kitten cuddling going on in the kitchen, and the black one was renamed Vader, because his hissing sounded kind of like Darth Vader's breathing.
I booked out of the party in time to get to the 9:30 showing of Dear Pillow at the CSFF & then home to bed.

Saturday I was at St Anthony Main basically all day. I headed up to the Heights theater for one of the movies, but other than that one, they were all at St. Anthony.
I did have a two hour break between movies at one point, so I had a very yummy grilled cheese sandwich at Pracna's (the restaurant next door) accompanied with a bottle of hard cider. After lunch, with over an hour still before my next movie, I headed outdoors. Y'all didn't really expect me to spend all weekend on the banks of the Mississippi without taking any pictures, did you? I also walked a little ways across the Stone Arch Bridge. Damn! It was windy as hell & friggin' cold! I'm hoping to get the pics up on dreamflyte in the next day or two... Who am I kidding? It'll probably be a while!

After the chilly walk, more movies. Ran into the guy who did Dear Pillow & chatted with him while waiting in line for Busting Out. Nice guy. Then, more movies. Talked to Paul, the writer/director/etc. of Sinkhole after that one was done. Got the name of the guy who did the music so I can try to hunt down his CD. He tried to talk me into going to the party at Nye's Polanaise afterward, but I knew that I was already going to be pretty tired the next day.

Sunday was sunny! Yay! It was still cold but at least there was sun & no wind. I was up by 8:00 so I could head to the farmer's market. I took a few pics for my photoshop class. Bought some fresh homemade tortilla's for the boy who's watching his carbs. Then I had hellbob drop me off at the theater for another day of movies. Not as much down time with no movies, so no walk along the river. I did have just enough time to get another one of those yummy grilled cheese sandwiches, sans hard cider. After the last movie I watched, there was about an hour and a half until the closing night movie.
As I was just hanging out in the lobby trying to figure out what I was going to do with myself, Paul (of Sinkhole) wandered by. When he found out that I had already seen 11 movies throughout the weekend & had been at the festival all three years he decided that I needed to meet the festival staff. When the woman manning the table (I'm pretty sure her name is Jane) asked him if he had gotten his filmmaker goody bag yet he said he had, but that she should give me one too, so she did.
It had the Minnesota & Wisconsin production guides, which I don't really need (If any of y'all want them just let me know), a 1 year subscription to Filmmaker magazine, a bag of Dunn Brothers coffee beans, a Minneapolis Sculpture Garden magnet, a bottle of Paisley Park water, coupons for some of the Riverfront restaurants, a CD that I haven't listened to yet, a purple Paisley Park pen, and a FilmBuzz flashlight.
Then Paul & I headed upstairs & he introduced me to Todd, who is the Director of Festival Programming, and Bill who is the Festival Co-Director. They were both really nice & seemed surprised that I had seen as many movies as I had. I thought that was the point of an all access pass... :)
Then Paul & I headed into Pracna's for a drink or two while waiting for the final movie. Apparently this was a popular option. We were quickly joined by Matt & Jonathan, who had done the film Miles Ahead. Unfortunately, that was one of them that I hadn't seen. It was the one I skipped to go to Cheb & Cajones. Since that film had also been filmed in North Carolina Paul already knew those guys. We were also joined by one on the IFP MSP people whose name I didn't catch & his two friends. After about an hour of pleasant conversation that included a discussion of both crappy Christian Slater films & good Christian Slater films, Jucy Lucys, Pepito's Mexican food, the Minnesota weather that the southerners were just hating, and other miscelaneous stuff.
While heading to the last movie, I ran into 433.
Following the last movie was a closing night party w/a cash bar & free hors d'ouevres. I had a chance to talk to Jacob, who had written & directed The Last Goodbye, which was the movie we had just seen. Then hellbob came to pick me up & I headed home to crash.

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