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The last few days...

I had half a vacation day on Wednesday so that I could go to the advising day at school to see what I need for my degree. Unfortunately I only have one, maybe two, semesters as a night student before I have to find some way to take day classes. This will most likely mean a new job, because my current job is just not compatible with day classes. *sigh* I loathe job hunting! But, I will most likely stick it out until April, just 'cuz then I will be 100% vested for the employer contributions in my 401k. It would be best if I could just find another position in the same company because come January 1 I will have 5 weeks of vacation (3 earned & 2 purchased).
Besides Illustrator, next semester I'll be taking Speech and/or Applied Psychology depending on when they are offered.

Thursday, I didn't have class because of MEA, so I got to come home & watch Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars with hellbob. Hooray! A new Farscape fix! I really miss this show as a regular series. Four hours just isn't enough!

Friday, hellbob dropped me off at work because he needed the car to go up north for Jeanine's sister's wedding. genevra & the twins picked me up after work to give me a ride home, and we cuddled babies & took pictures of them, and had yummy pizza for dinner. Then after she headed home I got to start cleaning the house for the party. Whee! I HATE cleaning!

I went to bed not expecting to see hellbob until at least 2 or 3 Saturday afternoon. You can just imagine how quickly I woke up in a panic when I heard someone come into the house at 6am! HB decided to just head right home after the wedding reception instead of spending the night in Hibbing.

People started wandering in around 6pm & the last folks left at about 2:30 am. Some of the people who showed up were mhuot, lexiphanic, genevra (without twins...), mle292, kaldeth & kalfoley & their kids, lucky13charm, chebutykin, cajones, davidkingsley, Erik, Mark, Darek, Nissa. Our neighbors Steve & Tammy stopped in after a Simpson's costume party. Tammy was the crazy cat lady, and Steve was the Lard Lad Donuts boy. Krystal, Glen, Carol, & Glen's brother Phil all stopped in briefly also, on their way to Bondage-A-Go-Go at Ground Zero. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone who I will remember as soon as I post this... :)
We had a ton of food (mmmmm. Porketta leftovers...), and we did have a fire going outside. It actually was a pretty nice night for sitting by the fire. And the fire stayed inside the fire pit this year!

Today was a lazy kind of homework day. I was going to run over to chebutykin's house to bring back her cider pot, but while I was minding my own business, working on my homework, hellbob decided that he needed to molest me. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon. *grin*

I finally got my last Dreamweaver assignment up & working! yay! Turns out that the reason my background hadn't been working had nothing to do with the style sheets or html code. It was just a defective gif! So i remade it & it works now! My main page for my homework assignments is here, and the one I was having so many issues with is assignment #4. So now, when everyone goes to gaze upon it in awe, they should see a blue background.

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